Thursday, July 21, 2011

Computer - finally

It finally arrived last night and just in time too, I needed to use it to remotely land the space shuttle, yes it's that awesome!

So after the prep work of getting all of the needed software and drivers on to it I was able to fire it up and see how it could play Minecraft. Interestingly enough I was only getting about 150+ FPS when playing at far draw distance, I really was expecting more, but I guess that is still pretty darn good. I also loaded up Oblivion so that I could see what it looks like at max settings, but as of yet haven't actually played it.

Getting back to MC, I have the family server up and running. Last night my brother and I messed around with that, just doing some odds and ends to see that it was working. After he got off I decided that I would go strip mining for diamonds so that I could get my portal and obsidian generator going. I was able to get the portal up and I think it looks badass. Little dark in the picture, but that's kind of for effect anyway. Reminded me of a moongate in Ultima.

The only problem with the portal is that on the Nether side it formed right in the middle of a river of lava! I tried to build up a little wall around it so that it could be safe, but instead I turned that river from flowing around the portal to flowing onto the portal. I'll have to go back in there and clean that mess up my next time in, maybe I'll record that...

Speaking of recording I made my first LP test video. It's only 30 seconds long as I was using the trial Fraps just to see if I could do it. Now that I know how to do it, I can get to making my little series this weekend. Hopefully it won't suck, probably will, but I'll try to make it entertaining.

Here is a link to test video if anyone wants to watch the test video, it's not really worth watching though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting excited

So my computer has finally shipped and I'll have it tomorrow evening. Probably won't get to play on it too much since I'll need to get some stuff installed on it, but I'm sure I'll stay up late just to spend time with my new addition.

My goal is to start up a lets play starting next week. I'll start recording episodes and see how they go before posting anything, basically I'll have like 5 in the can before I start posting them so that I can stay ahead of the game a little once I really get rolling. That's also only if I think they are good, well decent, well worth 10 minutes of someones time to watch for some lunch time entertainment. I'm going to play my version of hardcore where I can't die or else I'm forced to portal myself to some random location, I'm debating on using millenarie, I probably should because it adds a nice little distraction, so I think I will. Only problem is if the game is updated and the mod isn't, but I should be safe since 1.8 is supposed to be the next update.

Speaking of 1.8 that is my real goal, once that starts up I'm going to start season 2 of the LP so that I learn it as I play it on the videos, that should make it fresh. No mods once 1.8 is live though.

The other thing that I'll be doing is running the server for my son and my brother. That's just going to be a build server since my son can't handle mobs at this point. I'm thinking what I'll do there is build a little town with stores for all of the resources and a nice railway to go between locations. I'm going to need a goal on that server to keep me busy while I play with my son. Most of my time will probably be spent helping him, but I'll toss in a building or two to keep spurring his interest and creativity. Not sure what my brother will be doing, but hopefully he'll play with us a bit.

Man it seems like I've been waiting forever for this computer to show up and the chance to finally play some real MC again. I'll probably be so rusty that I'll get killed instantly, oh well good times!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fianl Week?

The problem with not having a computer to play MC on is that I don't even have anything good to post on here anymore. Sure it's not like anything I said was interesting before, but it was for myself a distraction from the humdrum of reality. Thankfully I should have my computer by the end of this week, it's built at least so that's a start, now for FedEx to lose it it for me.

It finally came to a breaking point this weekend, I couldn't take it anymore and I ended up firing up a world of MC for myself. After spending a good deal of time working with my son on his world, I just had to mess around with some stuff to see how it worked.

The first thing that I decided to do was work on strip mining, ok now that doesn't sound like any fun, but I wanted to test a couple ways of doing it to see what was the most successful way of doing it. Pretty much it is the 3 block line every 2 lines that I did, served me well, found like 20+ diamonds so I'll call it a hit. But my goal when playing for real is not to strip mine, I was playing on peaceful here since I don't trust the computer not to lag when a Creeper finds me. The highlight of this little project was a 10 diamond vein, that's the largest that I have ever found.

The next thing that I thought that I would try was some work with pistons. I'm thinking that once I get going for real on the LP series that I'm going to need to not look like a total idiot and know a thing or two about using pistons. I have some of the basics down but I was left with one serious problem, I don't have any slime. According to the wiki there is supposed to be slime on peaceful, but in all of that digging that I did in my search for diamonds, I haven't seen a single one. Square little bastards!

My final project for yesterday evening was a failed attempt at an obsidian generator. Ok it was kind of a crappy effort to begin with so it quickly became a cobblestone generator. And it's a kick ass cobblestone generator if I must say so myself. I'm not really sure how everyone else makes them, but mine was so awesome that all I need to do is hold down the mouse button and it automatically breaks it down and collects it with 0 downtime, and completely safe, as long as no cows try to push you into the lava part. The way it works is that I set up a small stream to flow into where the lava flows out, they hit and form the cobblestone. The cool part is that the stream continues under where the cobble is formed so the broken rock then keeps flowing in the stream. The stream takes a 90 degree turn and I stand in it breaking the cobble while it flows right to me to get collected. Then as a final touch I made the generator housing the cobble and the lava out of obsidian so that no matter how long the mouse was chopping there was no way for it to break the obsidian behind it, thus breaking the wall and letting the lava out. Then I covered the lava in glass to give light at night and save on needless obsidian.

I'm sure that everyone has already made a cobble generator at some point, but it was my first and I thought it was cool. The next thing that I'm going to do with it is set up a rail line that will send the cobble to a point some distance away so that I could make a giant stone castle if I desired and not have to carry the stone all the way there. Sure it's not really needed, but it will be fun to make a real use for a rail line. I love rail lines, I just can never think of anything cool and useful to do with them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Week

At some point I'll get to talk about Minecraft again, that is once my computer finally shows up. The company told me that it will be shipped by the end of this week. So I have been without a "real" computer for about a month now, hopefully I'll get a birthday gift and it will ship tomorrow, that would be nice.

In the meantime, my son has been playing Minecraft on the old Alienware and he's gotten pretty good at it. His goal this weekend has to build a huge tower, and with a little help he was able to make one that reached up to the clouds from just above sea level. I gave him a little help with it, but for the most part he was able to do it himself, even the jumping up a single layer of blocks at a time about 50 blocks up without dieing, and he doesn't know about the shift key, that's pretty impressive I think.

Hopefully by next week though my son's world will be abandoned as we fire up the family server. I'm not sure that he really gets what it means when I tell him that he and I along with Uncle Crash will all be able to play together, he replied, "But Uncle **** is on vacation?" Ah youth, but hey he is 4, forgive him for not understanding how the internet really works.

Until next week (hopefully) And I am going to do the Let's Play of my single player exploits, not sure if it will be entertaining, but I think LP's are cool so I have to try and do one myself.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Still waiting

I'm getting excited, I should have my new computer by next weekend, finally some Minecraft again. Over the last couple of weeks I've been playing Terraria, it's good, but it's just not as good as Minecraft, in my opinion. I think the thing that sets it apart is the first person perspective. In Terraria, you can see the danger coming a mile away, except for those damn worms, or the danger doesn't have as much of an impact. In Minecraft the danger is usually hidden, waiting to jump out at you and kill you when you least expect it. The first person perspective also puts it right there in your face.

That's not to say that Terraria isn't a fun game, it is, and I'm really glad to see that Notch has decided to take some notes from it and implement them in MC, I can't wait to see what the villages and NPC's are like.

Next week I'm going to try and start a Let's Play series, I'll download Fraps and enter the 21st century. I don't know if my videos will be worth a crap, but I've really been wanting to try it so it's finally time. Might as well make the most out of my super computer since I'll have it. One nice thing to look forward to, I'm 36 years old so you won't be hearing some high pitched 13 year old on the mic in mine, that has to be some sort of plus. =) I'll probably just be boring as hell though since I NEVER die in MC. And no I'm not doing some no torch crap, at least not initially, maybe if it goes well, I'll do that in season 2.