Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Week

At some point I'll get to talk about Minecraft again, that is once my computer finally shows up. The company told me that it will be shipped by the end of this week. So I have been without a "real" computer for about a month now, hopefully I'll get a birthday gift and it will ship tomorrow, that would be nice.

In the meantime, my son has been playing Minecraft on the old Alienware and he's gotten pretty good at it. His goal this weekend has to build a huge tower, and with a little help he was able to make one that reached up to the clouds from just above sea level. I gave him a little help with it, but for the most part he was able to do it himself, even the jumping up a single layer of blocks at a time about 50 blocks up without dieing, and he doesn't know about the shift key, that's pretty impressive I think.

Hopefully by next week though my son's world will be abandoned as we fire up the family server. I'm not sure that he really gets what it means when I tell him that he and I along with Uncle Crash will all be able to play together, he replied, "But Uncle **** is on vacation?" Ah youth, but hey he is 4, forgive him for not understanding how the internet really works.

Until next week (hopefully) And I am going to do the Let's Play of my single player exploits, not sure if it will be entertaining, but I think LP's are cool so I have to try and do one myself.

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