Monday, September 19, 2011

Minecraft - 1.8 I build

One of these days I'll really take the time and put up some pictures. Hell I might even take a video, that's really what I need to do.

Over the weekend I got to spend a little more time in my world, not a lot of dedicated time to go hunting for the stronghold, but time enough to scout out some caves near my house and keep building my now giant house. The structure is simple, the house if built around a cross farm, that grows wheat in 4 directions off of a single water source. I really like the design, even if it's a little big. The great feature of the design is that all drops will either fall to me, or fall in the water and then flow to the outer reaches of the farm. On two the points of the cross I have built structures, the first is my bedroom (initial house) and I also built a cobble generator. I like my cobble design in that the water flow under the cobble block allows the broken block to flow to me, but I should adjust the height so that not as many blocks end up in the lava. The lava problem might just be a fact of life for a generator, but the system works pretty well.

On top of the now castle I put a vault in so that I could increase my storage capacity. I put the vault on the ceiling after reading that Endermen can take a chest and destroy everything in it. I might be sick, but I personally think that is awesome, I like enemy mobs that are trying to fuck my shit up, I say bring it. Heck I even asked if someone could make a mod so that mobs don't burn up in daylight, I think that will add a nice bit of spice to things. Or I'm insane!

When I get back to serious work on my world I'll have to decide if I'm going to try to make a arrow machine out of the skeleton spawner I found. Great location for a spawner too, right in a lava flow, doesn't get much safer than that. In 1.9 spawners aren't supposed to work, but I guess I could ride the exploit while it exists. The spawner is located in a giant ravine, I've made it to the bottom, but man is it a shit storm down there, mobs are just spawning everywhere.

Speaking of mobs spawning, I was playing with my son this weekend on our server (and to confirm mineshafts do spawn in 1.7 worlds) and we came across a spawner. Now we play with the mob spawning off, because he's 5, I think a creeper blowing him to pieces would make him cry. Anyway we find a spawner, actually we don't see it, but I hear a moan. A moan? WTF, that sounds like a zombie. I turn around and there I see it, my son is face to face with two zombies WTF!!! I tell him to just run, he doesn't know what to do, I pull out my iron sword (yes I actually had one for killing mobs in 1.7) and I go to work. I beat them down without too much trouble and light up the spawner before breaking it. As Bdouble0 says, "Fix your game Notch!"

From the dungeon we were able to find a passageway that took us deep underground and to an abandoned mineshaft. It was time to get off, but we marked it as a place to return to.

Next time I get on, I'm going to finish up my ravine, maybe there are some goodies down there, and not black fog (not a goodie). So far in my short exploits around the map I haven't found anything that looks like a stronghold, but I did find a mineshaft to put on my list of places to visit.

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