Monday, April 18, 2011

MC - "It's been a long time"

For some reason the GLaDOS voice is in my head these days, and I wasn't even planning on buying Portal 2, but damnit, maybe I just have to. Anyway to satisfy my Minecraft need I've joined up on a server with a bunch of random people. It's a bit of a different experience and I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. I mean I like running around with other people and building stuff and the like, but it's also a pain in the butt because you have to constantly keep an eye on your stuff so that people don't tear your place apart. I started out with my secret cave and I've done a lot of work to keep it secret, but I also built a castle on top of it, thinking that it would be nice to build my place and that people would respect my building because the server has a whitelist. Well it seems like people liked my cactus and my purple flag a little too much and decided to break in and take it. Nothing that can't be replaced, but it's just annoying to have to fix it. like the other night I got on and the dirt on the side of my door was missing because someone decided that they wanted to dig themselves in. I really hope they try that shit again, I have a couple surprises waiting for them this time =) Since I can't imagine anyone that might take my stuff is actually reading this... I dug out the block where they have been digging through so that there is a 40 block drop to their deaths if they aren't paying attention and just walk through. After that I armed up the entrance with a arrow dispenser to pepper them with arrows through a hidden wall once they step on the trigger. I'm sure that this will just piss them off and make them more committed to ruin my place, but at least I'll get a laugh knowing that they got killed in the process =) My next base is going to be much much much more remote so that I don't have to deal with crap, and it's going to be a death fortress where if anyone tries to break in it will be death that meets them. In other news I think that I am getting a little bored of MC, mostly because I miss playing with Druss and Crash, it was fun having our server. Maybe I'll make my own server again, but it's tough when the one I'm playing on has the nether and a gate to a second world as well, that's pretty cool. Getting back to my point, I wish that MC had just a little bit more to it at this point, the potential is still there for some amazing stuff, but I just wonder if that will happen. To me MC has the ability to rewrite the rules of what a RPG is in a game, if only I was able to mod or had the time to learn it, I think some amazing stuff could be done.

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