Friday, April 1, 2011

Minecraft - 1.4

Damn you Notch what happened to that update yes or no button from 1.3? I go to log on and BOOM! I'm sitting there with a vanilla world to play in. All of my plans for making this human survival RPG gone up in smoke, or were they??? I decided that since I was basically playing with a new set of rules, yet again, that I'd make a new world, yet again. So I set out to do my basic stuff, gather up some wood, make my tools, look for coal, etc... I did keep the gameplan of only making structures above ground, so I also set about making my dirt house, big enough that I can fit a bed in it for that first night of waiting. I've actually gotten pretty good at it, within the first day I can make a house 5x5x4 with windows all around it. I have to move my butt to get it done, but it can be done. Then on day two I found some cactus and lined the front of the house with cactus to keep me apprised of any mobs that might try to get in. By day three I was in desperate need of coal, so the exploration for coal began, lots of caves around my house, but not a lot in regards to coal and ore, so it was charcoal for me. On day four I decided that I would expand on the roof of my house and make a stone rampart on top, because I like being able to look around at night in safety, and that was when I realized something, there were mobs everywhere. I had gotten so used to playing with all of the add-ons that create all sorts of different mobs, but they take away from the natural spawns. So in this game there were creepers everywhere, the difficulty actually went up a lot due to the lack of humans and creatures, and I liked it. I'm not sure if I'll go back and add the mods back in once they are updated to 1.4 because I was liking the vanilla version of the game, it felt fresh again. I'll probably add them in once I've gotten myself established and then I can pretend that they are new settlers coming to the new world (it's all about imagination).

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