Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minecraft - You can't keep a good game down.

After keeping an eye on the "March Madness" contest on Escapist it really got me thinking about MC again. I'm amazed that the game has basically given the finger to every other developer out there, but I'm not totally surprised, heck read my past posts on the topic. I may be a fanboy of the game, but I like to think that I'm also objective, either way that's not what I'm posting about today. Today is all about world P5 and my new quest in my single player MC experience. I've decided that I'd take up those rules that I established for myself a couple posts ago and go with those, here are the rules that I am playing with. 1) No building into mountains or building underneath structures that I build. The reason for this is that it was too easy to find a good cliff and dig into it basically giving me a free base with everything I could possibly need with ease. The other downside to cliff building was that there was nothing spectacular about the structure, it was simply a cave with a lot of stuff in it. I want to have some effect on the world I'm playing in thus anything I build will have to be on the surface and be a mostly independent structure (I say mostly because I can use one wall as a cliff or something just to save time). 2) I'm playing on normal, why normal when I'm looking for a challenge, maybe I'm just a wuss. 3) Playing with Humans+, Mo Creatures, RPG mobs, NPC builders, 303 arrows, 303 prefix skeletons. Another reason that I'm playing on normal. 4) My goal is to collect lots of materials, I have to look at the earlier post for what I decided that I'd have to gather, I'm think that I need to add lightstone to that collection too because I've never actually gone into the Nether (yet again, I'm a wuss and don't like to lose). 5) No strip mining. It's easy to just dig down and then hollow out the world to find the mats that you want, but where is the adventure? I may do some quarry digging to get rocks, but I'm not making an actual diamond strip mine. The story that I've established for myself is that I've been sent to a prison colony and in order to earn my freedom I need to gather the required materials and only then will I be allowed to leave. Standing in my way are all of the other monsters and people that will make it difficult. One final idea that I had just now was that I need to build a graveyard to record all of my deaths, I died once already from a damn NPC while I was digging out some dirt, bastard! I tried this a couple of times before and it never got off the ground, I think I was feeling a little MC burn out, well I'm back now after the personal travel that I've had to do, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my adventure will go this time around.

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