Thursday, March 10, 2011

Minecraft - New Idea

Well it's a new idea for me anyway. I'm going to roll play my way to a good time.

Here is the plan, I'm going to spawn a new MC world and pretend that my character has been sent to this distant colony to work off his debt to society. While here I'll be faced with having to survive, but also collect a mass of ore that I can then pretend that will be my ticket back home. (That's a lot of pretending... Shut up!)

I was thinking that I'd need to collect the following:
2000 coal
1000 redstone (maybe 500)
500 gold
500 lapis
50 diamonds

Then I'll play it out on here like a journal. Seems like a fun goal to try to shoot for. Maybe I should only allow myself like 3 lives or something.

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