Thursday, March 3, 2011

Minecraft - So lonely

Crash and Drus are now MIA for over 2 weeks, not sure if they are done or not, and really I don't care one way or another if they are or aren't, it's a game and if they enjoy it they'll keep playing if not then they'll stop, regardless I don't really have a personal stake in it... except for one thing.

If the guys are done playing then I want to open up the server to other people that I know are playing. Originally we agreed that we'd just keep it between the three of us, but if it's now down to just me then hey I want to play online. Interestingly enough I'm posting this here rather than talking to them...

Anyway there really are three options here.

1) I just go join another server and keep the current server going so that if they do come back it's up and running. Positives: The server is still going so if they want to come back it's there and ready to go. Negative: It runs on my computer so I need to keep it going "just in case"

2) I invite other people to the server. Positive: I have people to play with again. Negative: It kind of goes against what we established before and creates a potential problem down the road if Crash and Drus aren't happy about it. Potentially either one of them might not like it and walk away for good. Or I'll get stuck in the middle of having two groups of players. I'll always have the world save file so the back up is there if they ever want to continue from where they were at.

3) I invite new people and start a new world. Positive: No ties. Negative: What happens if Crash or Drus log in to a forgien world?

I'm really thinking out loud here, and I guess indirectly asking their opinion if they read this. Honestly I don't know where I stand on it, hell there might not be anyone to play with anyway so it might be a mute point. Which of course creates a whole other problem where I can't play MC the way I enjoy playing it, which is also free of grief attacks on a random server. Leaving me with playing MC with the mods installed, which is cool, but it's not the same as playing with other people, those NPC's still feel empty, much like they do in a game like Oblivion (I use that example a lot huh).

Ah what to do what to do, for the time being I guess I'll just explore the possibilities on what I'm going to do.

I know what I want to do, add more people. I think anyone that I would add would be cool anyway so there really shouldn't be a problem.

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