Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minecraft - Day 1 world 2

So I saw a guy on the forums do something similar to this idea and it sounded kind of neat. Kind of a hardcore method of playing without wiping out the world when you die. What I decided that I would do instead of building up around my spawn spot, I would pick a direction and run in that direction for 2 game days, mining for wood or coal as I saw some, but basically get as far from my spawn as possible. When that character dies, I'll spawn again and then send that guy into the next direction for 2 days. The goal being that my world will become filled with little settlements from where I lived, because once I die, everything that remains there will stay there. Eventually my world will be filled with little houses from people that have come and gone and to me it will feel a little more lived in. It also has a fun bi-product, it's as exciting as hell...

After my two day run in which I took cover on the first night, I set up shop on the Eastern coast a long way away. Oh and I little tip, put the draw distance to tiny when running, that way you really are lost out there. Anyway, I set up a little house and thought I was doing well for myself, having known the basics of survival I felt pretty good. The first day or two were uneventful, but on that third day, here he came bouncing down the side of my little house everyone's favorite baddie, the creeper. And before I could run away he blew himself to pieces, taking my health to half a heart. What a rush that was knowing that one more anything and it was back to square one. Thankfully I had killed some pigs and had some food stashed so I was able to recover.

After the creeper blew the front of my house off I went about rebuilding and setting up a defensive structure that I'm pretty happy with now. If I ever happen to find this castle in my future explorations then it will be something that I can be proud of.

So just a quick update tonight because now it's time to get back to it. Man I love this game.

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