Monday, November 29, 2010

Minecraft - Diamonds and Castles

I really don't understand my addiction with Minecraft I mean it's basically a game about digging in a hole and then building stuff, Simcity would be similar in that regard so I have no idea why it's so addicting, but it is!

This weekend I ventured to the bottom of the Ick cave and finally hit rock bottom and it was a very long way down, oddly enough I never hit another cave in my digging, which while anti-climatic did make digging a lot safer because I never had to worry about mobs. I mean there were some mobs just on the other side of the walls but I never punched through because I didn't think that I needed to add to my drama when I was on a quest for diamonds. Actually I was kind of hoping to explore a little bit and randomly hit another cave, but considering that I am playing a sort of hardcore method, I didn't want to purposefully risk it. And yes I still have not died in this game, came close with that Creeper.

Speaking of Creepers, as you can see from the screenshot in my last post my base needed some work to make it impenetrable. Sure there are perfect methods online of how "you're supposed" to make your base, but where is the fun in that. I build what I want to build and I do it how I see fit, if I wanted cookie cutter then I wouldn't play because that becomes a job. All of that being said I think that the Ick fortress is safe now, no mobs within my outer walls for the last couple of nights and I now feel safe to wonder around my grounds at night without fear of attack. But the Eastern Base as it was dubbed originally is not perfect by any means, it was built out of necessity and as such is disjointed and doesn't have all of the room for crafting and storage that I would like. Additionally I had a large chest full of stone that I had gathered from all of my underground digging and have decided that I need to put that to use by building myself a large castle just a little inland from where I'm living today.

So with the new castle in mind I built another 3 furnaces so that I could start making clean stone because my castle is going to look kick ass once it's done, no cheap cobblestone for me. So far I think that I've made about 500 clean stone blocks then I ran out of coal, which could be a little bit of a problem, didn't really think it all out ahead of time, plus my addiction to torches doesn't help. I have a feeling that's going to require me doing a little digging in a local monster cave, because I don't really have any mountains around me.

The other thing that I did for my castle is start work on the outer wall, on my first base that was kind of an after thought as it was needed, this time around I'm starting there. It's only made of dirt with a cobblestone line around the top, but it will serve it's purpose, I might throw some glass in it as well, but not sure how tough I want to make it look, but I will be adding a rampart to it. I have high hopes for how my castle will turn out, I have enough materials to pretty much make it however I want so I'm thinking that I'll give it adequate room for storage and crafting that I don't currently have.

Another little thing that I think I'll add will be a raised walkway from the castle to the original fort, or maybe an underground tunnel. Maybe a secret passageway which would give me something to do with all of that redstone that I've acquired, really no idea what to do with the redstone. One idea that I had was to set up a mine field for the mobs to blow themselves to pieces in but knowing me I'd end up blowing myself to pieces in the process.

Speaking of death, I had a little run in with some lava at the bottom of the Ick cave. It was nothing to serious as I was being extra careful around it, but did my best to dig right around it so that I could find myself that all too rare diamond, of which I found two of them. Not enough for a pick, but it was enough for a shovel, so that was helpful. I'm so cheap that I still use stone tools rather than iron, in my opinion I don't think that I've found too much iron so I'm kind of hording it. If I were to ever die and then not return to this encampment and then hand over the save to someone like my brother, there would be some phat loot waiting if he made the trip.

So with that I shall leave the blog for the day and toss of a photo or two later perhaps. Next time I get on I'll be on a search for coal before I can continue the construction of my fantastic castle =)

I also need to work on my brother to play this game, then maybe we can play multiplayer.

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