Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Minecraft - The Water Cave

Every morning I think I wake up saying to myself, "Man I really need to go to sleep earlier." Because every night I end up staying up later than I intend playing something, and right now that something is Minecraft. As a side note I really need to send my screenshots to my e-mail so that I have access to them.

Last night I did two things, the first was that I built myself a little tower on the Ick house, which is quickly becoming a castle. It's not great but I think standing on top of that tower of glass is pretty neat. I'll need to clean it up a little bit because there is a lot of cobblestone that makes it a little tricky to see whilst climbing. But once you get to the top the views are quite nice. The tower didn't really take too long to do and it gave me something to do at night during my restocking trips back home for more tools as I ventured into what I have dubbed the Water Cave.

Early on in my adventures I discovered a cave just to the West of my house that needed to be explored, but I had gotten sidetracked digging in my house and venturing through the Spider Cave, but now was a good time to return. In my journeys through the house cave I had dug all the way back up towards the surface and the desert and it looked as if I was really close to the Water Cave, that I could bust through and meet the two caves up, naturally it wasn't as easy to link them as I had thought.

I started digging towards where I knew one of the branches of the house cave ended and quickly found a passageway that took me in another direction, and had a stunning underground waterfall which as I would learn went down to the depths of the cave, of which I haven't explored yet. When starting a new cave/dungeon it's always a little freaky, if you're near the surface you can hear the mobs up on the surface and that totally throws me off because I don't know what is in there with me hiding behind a corner and what is up top. This time it was a spider, I couldn't find where he was at for a couple minutes until I looked up to see the source of the waterfall, and there he was trying to get his fat little body to drop on my head. Ah meet Mr. Bow you stupid spider, pow dead!

That is one thing that I don't think you can really explain to someone who hasn't played the game, but those caves and dungeons are pretty freaky, if you hear something and can't find it, you just know it's going to jump out at you at some point. Especially when you're trying to map out a new section and there are multiple tunnels that you can explore.

The cave expanded downward and I ended up finding a couple zombies that were trapped by a pool that had formed at a section of the waterfall. Those poor little bastards moaning and jumping to get to me, but were held back by the water so they were easy to pick off. Once they were disposed of I took a second to look around and found that I had linked up to the Ick cave, in the deep section where I had found lava. I moved around the little pool by building a dirt walkway and saw that the cave descended even deeper. Goofing around I dug up a block and accidentally unleashed the water in the pool and sent a waterfall down to the depths of wherever. I had intended on exploring there, but after creating the waterfall I decided that I'd let it be for now as no mobs were going to be able to swim up it. I was just thinking that I'm going to make this a giant water slide for myself to get down there once I go.

So leaving the waterfall of darkness I took off down another chamber to do some deep digging. With the reveal of dirt and gravel at the depth level I was at I figured that there had to be something cool over there. I found a little gold (which is useless, but I will be making a watch) but nothing else as of yet. By the time I had finished digging around, my tools were shot so I needed to return to the surface to resupply, and by then it was getting too late so I made my gear and logged out, ready to find some diamonds on my next adventure.

Speaking of adventure, I had the coolest idea. I'm sure someone has already done it, but you could make a very sweet Zelda type of adventure in this game if one set their mind to it. You could set up a series of dungeons each holding a type of loot and holding clues to the next dungeon. At the bottom of each you could have a switch that would be linked to redstone and to a door in some distant dungeon. Then through a series of dungeons you unlock all of the doors granting you access to the final boss. It would take a bit of time to do and setting up all of the items around the world, but that would be pretty sweet. Naturally I won't be doing it because I'd rather be playing the game but I'm just saying that it could be done and be very awesome.

Until next time...

And I'll add dome pictures too.

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