Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8 Squared = 64 bits of Awesome!

Last night I finished up the upgrade to my system, all 8 megs of RAM ramming and all 64 bits of whatever they are biting. I was so tired from the night before that I didn't spend too much time playing, more just testing it out and updating a couple more drivers to make sure that everything will be in tip top shape for the next time I really get to play with it. So here are the results of the upgrade and how it handles MC and running the server.

The first thing that I tried was pushing the draw distance up to Far from the normal that I normally play on. Turns out that we're not going to see any improvement there, which is disappointing because that was one of my major goals. Anyway pushing it to far still created a lot of world holes while riding on the subway, they weren't save file errors thank God but I have to believe that holes are a precursor to the errors developing, so I switched it back to normal. I'm wondering if the issue on the world holes is a processor issue since I'm only running a 4 year old duel core. I'd be curious to see it on Crash's computer once he gets it, but I have a feeling that isn't going to be happening, I've been getting the feeling that Crash and Drus are losing interest in the MC.

The next thing that I checked out was just how the game played on normal draw, and it was awesome! At it's highest point I think that I was reading over 300 FPS and I was averaging around 170, which is up from the normal 60 to 70 that I was getting before, especially during large chunk loads. Even with 100+ chunks uploading the FPS never dropped below 150, so performance on my side was rocking.

I may try one last test with the far distance on the server after updating my video card drivers, it's a long shot, but it's worth trying.

So the total cost of the upgrade was $178 for the 8gb of RAM. Another $120 for an external hard drive that I needed anyway. And I bought a newer version of Norton in my haze Sunday night for $70, my wife told me that I didn't need it, but I wasn't in the mood to try and find the old anti virus in the old files and try to get it to work and I didn't want to leave the computer exposed so oh well.

Looking forward to the next chance that I get to play and really see if I notice a difference.

In other news my single player maps are lost someplace in my back ups, if I ever play on the single player again I'll just start fresh. my son might miss his world, but it's cool we can just start over looking for more irons and coals. =)

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