Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minecraft - .jar

I am an idiot (If you've been reading this you already know that) last night I needed to update the server to 1.3, simple enough right? wrong?

Having just upgraded the computer there are a couple things that I'm still aren't sure are working correctly so if I have a problem finding the root cause of it can be a bit of a problem. Last night was an example of such fun. After downloading the new server windows kept asking me what program that I wanted to open it up with, which in turn I kept picking java, yet nothing happened.

Next I tried to download the jar file off of the website, but that only launched the server and I never saw that it was getting loaded on to the hard drive, hence that doesn't work either.

Next I went to the website and downloaded both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of java hoping that maybe I just have a corrupt file or something, nothing.

Eventually after an hour of trying pretty much everything that I could think of, I just decided that I'd add a .jar to the server file. Guess what?! Presto! it worked, and yes I am an idiot for not looking at that sooner.

So after getting everything going, the server is running like a dream. The 64 bit version of java makes a huge difference, I was able to ride the subway with the distance set to far and didn't see one chunk error. Plus the game screams, I'm averaging well over 100 FPS, even when loading up 300+ chunks at a time.

One thing that I was kind of mixed on was the new lighting. It looks great but it doesn't play well because it's just too dark when exploring a cave, so you can't really tell if something is lit or not.

Picked up another 4 diamonds in the never ending cave. Seriously this thing is just insane, I got lost in it last night so I had to dig a new hole out of it, naturally underwater, but it was only a couple blocks so not too bad. I was thinking last night that I really want to finish this cave so that I can move on. I mean I could just move on, but I'd feel like I didn't finish it so it must be completed!

I think the boys have stopped playing, so it looks like I'm alone again. I'll keep the server running though, never know.

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