Friday, February 18, 2011

Minecraft - The never ending cave

I have pictures, and eventually I'll stop playing the game and upload them. Anyway I've been playing in what has to be the largest cave ever. Yes that is a bold and over used claim, but I'm telling you this place that I found is huge. Oddly enough I've been exploring in it for 4 days now (usual caves are about a day to two days) and just last night I found the only natural entrance to it. The way I originally found my way in was just messing around in the Western Outpost, just digging down and I found a way in.

The cave is so big that even after 4 days exploring it I have a lot of darkness left, and that's not from lack of effort or getting side tracked. The yield so far has been 6 stacks of iron, a stack of gold, countless coal, and so far 12 diamonds. With all of that iron I could make a line out to Druz's place, naw...

Speaking of the rail line, it turns out that that thing is a lot more useful than I had originally thought it would be. I've halted construction on the Western tower because there just isn't a need for it since I can zip around on my train with ease and very quickly, all I need is a little outpost for storage, which I have in the Western Outpost. So this tells me that where ever I end up exploring next, I'll probably just create another rail line to it and connect it to the rest of the transit system.

This weekend I'm going to attempt to upgrade my computer to 64 windows so that I can utilize the 8gb of RAM that the computer now has, hopefully that goes alright.

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