Friday, February 25, 2011

Minecraft - Updated Castle Pics

I thought that it was time to do some updating to the castle last night. For awhile I've wanted to add the lava pillars to support the death tower so that it didn't look like it was just hanging top heavy over the rest of the castle. After that I thought that I needed to take the dye and get a little personal with the castle, by writing my name in it. It's not the greatest I get that, but I think it looks pretty good. The dirt on the other levels seems a little out of place now so I might go back and black out that. I spared no expense on that name plate though, that's obsidian up there encasing the purple letters (purple, color of royalty I might add hehe), oh and it's "epic".

Since my minecart track has been so successful in getting from point A to point B, there really isn't a need to make another large base, instead I'll just make carts to all the other places that I'll go and set up little bases (larger than outposts, but smaller than castles). And after I think I finally finished that cave which took a week to explore completely, if I even did, I have more iron than I can imagine what to do with it. I'm looking at 15 stacks of iron that could take me all the way to Drus if I wanted, but I'll let him build half of the transcontinental railroad if he wants it. It's not that I won't build a line out there, that would be downright huge, but I don't want to burn all my iron unless he's going to contribute to it. Heck I'd build the whole thing if he supplied the iron for it.
Not sure what I'll do next, probably do a couple more touch ups to the castle, and then I'll have to find a new area to branch out into. The Western outpost still has a lot of area to explore so that will most likely be where I look around. Building a rail line past the outpost might be tricky due to how I put it in there, but I'm sure I can if I see a reason to do it.

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