Monday, February 14, 2011

Minecraft - Megamind

"Can we play Megamind?"

Yes that is what my son calls MC, don't know where he got the name, but around the house MC is now known as Megamind.

So for the brief moments that he was being good this weekend we fired up the game so that he could get his "fix". At first I showed him my massive rail line in the online game and then thought that it would be best if me and him did our own little world free from latency issues, me needlessly losing diamonds, and free of monsters.

So we fired up a new world, and I have to say it's a pretty good one, personally I think that the multi world that we're playing on kind of sucks compared to what I have seen generated but oh well, too late for that now. So in our new world I tried to let him direct our actions as much as possible, I'd tell him we needed wood, so he'd tell me what tree to cut down. I'd tell him we needed coal for torches (no monsters but it still gets dark) so he'd tell me to go find a cave. So I was doing my best to let him direct the play.

He decided that we needed to build two houses, one of them near flowers so that we had a front yard, then we also needed to make a train... So this is where it gets interesting, I tell him to make a train we need to go find iron, and presto he gets the concept of the game. If you want to do A then you need to do B first. It's like getting a job to make money to buy toys, too bad he hasn't figured that part out yet.

We do some cave exploring, with him every five minutes reminding me that there aren't any monsters, and we end up finding a good deal of "irons" and "coals". We were able to make a pretty good little roller coaster right next to our house, it's nothing crazy, but considering how quickly we were able to make it, it's pretty good.

After the roller coaster we decided that we needed to go exploring and look at some of the cool mountains that we had in the distance. On one of the mountains we found sand all the way up at cloud level, it was pretty awesome. Another mountain had a nice lava pool about midway up, but he wanted us to get away from it worried that we might die.

The crazy thing was that in one of the caves we found a Zombie spawner. The spawner itself wasn't spitting out monsters but it was there with the zombie spinning in the middle of it. The cool thing was that the chests were there, so we got a couple buckets and a couple saddles. Now saddles are pretty cool, just to ride a pig, it's fun. But now imagine that in the eyes of a 4 year old... He thought it was f'n hilarious!

With the buckets he then wanted me to make a stream in our house, I convinced him that it would be better to make a pool in the backyard. That pool eventually ended up being his name written out in water, actually looks pretty cool.

One other fun thing we did was put a yellow flag on our house.

Our final project for the night was that he wanted to make a maze, go figure it's all he ever wants to do on the white board. So he directed me to find a flat area to start making it, but time ran out so we didn't get to really get going on the maze, I guess that will be our next project, if he's good. We also told him that if he wants to play on the computer then he needs to play soccer as well. Playing games on the computer is ok in moderation, but he also has to stay active, we're going to set that ground rule right now.

I took some pictures, but they are at home, so I'll edit them in later.

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