Friday, February 11, 2011

Minecraft - Falling apart

I guess Deathwing is visiting our little Minecraft world trying to take Drus back with him. The number of world errors is growing and that is bad news for me considering that I'll need to go in and make the corrections.

Here is an example of an error.

As you can see the land just looks out of place, not to mention that it was out of place because there was a coast line there just last night before the error occurred. Here is another example of render problems

The coast here is just a long cliff that marks the edge of the blocks, but they don't mesh with the rest of the map. Now these were like this when I found them, and they aren't the only "fault lines" that I have seen just a very large example.

The fault lines themselves aren't as big of an issue, they look odd, but wha the heck I can go with it, it's the errors in previous chunks that are an issue.

The other night we had a major error in the starter area that took two of Crash's chunks and redrew them with giant holes in his buildings. The first thing that I did was pretty much shit my pants in panic. First I knew that Crash would be pissed, second if errors like this were happening then maybe the world was falling apart, third if we had a number of errors the guys might quit, and lastly, WTF was I going to do about it?

Jumped on the Wiki and found that editors can find the id of a chunk, so simple enough figure out the chunk id and then copy and paste it back with an old save file. At first the editor wasn't working and it was quite frustrating but eventually I got it going and was able to reinstate the chunks from the first back up I did back in mid January. Since then I've been doing a lot more saving.

The holes in Crash's buildings were the second time that I had seen devastation from an error, the first being the lighthouse, which at the time I had no idea how to fix, so I did it by hand. The pictures above are just examples of what is happening. Hopefully the cataclysm won't happen to our little world. To prevent that, I think I'm going to take my computer apart this weekend and boost it up with more RAM.

Don't know what the future is going to hold, but damn not cool.

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