Monday, February 28, 2011

Minecraft - Modtastic!

Since the guys haven't been on in what seems like forever I decided to follow the lead from the videos at and get all mod happy with the single player experience of MC. While I couldn't get the exact mods because of 1.3.02 coming out and breaking some of the mods, I was able to add some extra spice by adding Humans, RPG, and NPC Builders.

The results of the three additions have been mostly positive, but there are a couple negatives to each of the mods, the biggest being that I don't think the mobs interact with each other enough (i.e. fighting) Basically I was looking for kind of a warzone that I was going to have to survive through, but it's not quite that intense. It does add flavor don't get me wrong, I think I was just expecting a 10, much like TOR, but I got a 7, which is still very enjoyable.

The mod that is both the most impressive but with it's flaws is the NPC builders. First off I don't want to knock any of the mod builders all their work is super impressive and I have the highest respect for what they have done. My only real problem with the builder mod is that some of the buildings are just strange, personally I'd like more conventional buildings, I can disable the ones I don't like, but as of yet I don't want to make any changes without seeing the long term lasting effect of what the landscape will look like over time. But watching little dudes go around and place building and torches all over the place is kind of cool, it makes the area that I live in look more developed compared to the wilds that surround me. It's a nice change.

I get mixed up on what is the Human mod and what is the RPG mod with the number of different guys that are running around on the map so I can't really pick out either as being better than the other or note which one has drawbacks. They both add a nice element of random violence to the world that I like mixing it up. Especially the random creeper explosions in the night, I've learned to build into the rock because shit is going down.

The final mod that I want to add is the mo creatures mod that adds in a whole bunch of new mobs to the world, but that one isn't up to date yet. I'm not really interested in any mods that change the gameplay or add formulas or different ores, my goal with the modding is to add to the game without really changing the core of the game. While adding NPC's is a big change it's a welcome addition that I find refreshing.

The only major problem that I have with all of the mods is that it's too easy to get free loot drops. The builders can make building out of wood that I can then harvest into materials for free, and the humans fighting everywhere drop loot like candy out of a pinata, so getting a full suit of armor mearly means walking outside and picking it up. Now this might change as I venture into the depths of the world and I'm confronted with new challenges down below that bring more balance back to the game, I have died three times since installing the mods so that is a big change that maybe it is working as intended, but it still feels like those deaths were more from my stupidity rather than challenge, we'll see.

While I might seem to be bashing the mods that I wrote about, don't misunderstand, they have been a lot of fun and I'm enjoying them as part of my game.

One final note, installing mods is hard the first time. It's a very good idea to watch some youtube before doing anything.

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