Friday, May 6, 2011

Minecraft - The Arrow Factory part 1

Wrote this the other day before the pictures thread.

I have been playing this game since November and the other night was the first time I had ever found the holy grail of mob spawners, yes I finally found a skeleton spawner.

Burdened with the fact that there aren't a lot of caves around the Orange Castle I went back over the lake to the small cave that I had started work on the night before. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't have to cross over water every single time I wanted to get into a cave, but such is life. I had already cleared out the top portion which left me with a single passageway that headed down, blocked off by gravel at the bottom. I hate gravel, there is always something nasty waiting on the otherside of it, and this of course was no exception, but at least it wasn't a creeper just hiding there waiting for me.

I dug out the gravel and started to put some torches down but no sooner than I had placed my first one than I hear the familiar sound of "twang" an arrow impacted the rock right next to me. As usual I lost control of my mouse in an "Oh shit!" moment regained control and engaged the skeleton. 5 arrows later the skeleton was a pile of bones, but there was no time to celebrate like a team of commandos a couple more rounded a wall of cobblestone and it was on. I dropped one of them but considering that this was a fresh start I wasn't armed with my normal complement of arrows so I would be out of ammo quickly if I stuck around to have a fire fight with them. I made a break for the surface with the skeletons on my tail, thankfully they got lost on their way up and now I was free to figure out how I was going to secure this dungeon.

From the surface I noticed that the dungeon was only about 20 blocks down so I decided that the best way to clear it out was to give it a big sunlight. Using the solar powered death apparatus otherwise known as the sun the skeletons were killed off leaving me free to get down there and torch it up so that it would still be safe at night. I like it when dungeons are off in a little corner and you don't have to worry about any extra mob help coming in to join the fun, of course this was not going to be the case here. There were three large caverns that connected to the dungeon that needed to be sealed off before I could deal with the spawner. Normally I don't close off tunnels, I just go clear them out, but in this case there wasn't much of an option, dirt to the rescue. After that I went in and put up my torches securing the dungeon for my future arrow production.

And that is where I left if for the evening, it was too late to begin figuring out how to best make my mob grinder (oh and did I mention there is lava under the dungeon, just to make it interesting). That will be my next project, with a stockpile of arrows I'll then be ready to clear out the closed off passages and really begin the search for those diamonds and make my trek back to the fabled Red kingdom.

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