Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Minecraft - Orange Coal-ah

My work on cheesy titles has no limits.

Day 2 with Mr. Orange was a trial of sorts, after doing a little bit of exploration it turns out that there aren't any natural caves near me. Well there was the little underground lake under my base that held that zombie but it's been cleared out now. Not having any caves around me might not sound like a big deal but it is when you don't allow yourself to strip mine, it makes finding coal at the start of the game a real pain in the butt. The catch of course is that you need coal for torches (yes there is charcoal) and you need the torches to go into the caves and find coal.

My search for coal took me over one of the mountains where I found a valley with a small cave attached to it. This area just looked like death, but I needed that coal so I worked my way down and with the few torches that I had, lit it up and went about my business. It was a little nerve racking because the area was anything but secure and with only leather armor on, one creeper could mean death. Thankfully the mining was uneventful and I was able to make it back to my castle with a decent amount of coal to at least put up some windows and make some clean stone for my structure (yeah I'm building a little more this time around). Of course my building burned through my coal and I was yet again forced to go find some more.

I headed off to the Western desert and found a couple small pockets of coal that helped out a little bit but didn't solve my problems. Then I headed back towards the portal and found a cave that was near the entrance (there is coal in the portal cave, but I'd consider that cheating since I found it on peaceful). In exploring that cave I was finally able to find a nice vein of the stuff and possibly found my first cave to explore in depth.

I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous to go back underground after the death of Mr. Red. I've put a good deal of work into my castle and I'd hate to see that all be lost by one creeper catching me off guard (see all the cactus around the entrance to the castle as an indicator) But that's the nature of the game. I've managed to find a decent amount of iron so I should be able to make iron armor and begin my decent looking for diamonds. Diamonds of course are the key in my game, once I find 3 of them I can "re-open" the portal and then go looking for the Red base and use it's resources again, and I'll make that rail line between the Orange and Red kingdoms. I mean you've got to have goals...

I also thought of another addition to my rule set, Mr. Black, but I'll use that as a separate post.

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