Monday, May 9, 2011

Minecraft - Whole lot of pictures

I've been pretty lazy about posting pictures so here is a whole bunch of them from my latest adventures.

This is the Red castle. As you can see I went with a contemporary look accented with flames surrounding the outer walls. The ring of glass around the building is a trademark of my design, I figure if there is enough sand why not see all of the monsters.

This is the vault in the Red castle, home of the richest spoils of the land.

This is the Orange portal, humm maybe I should put some wool in there.

While this might look like any other cave, I tried to capture the insanity that this one is. In the picture you can see several ways that lead off into the dark. Normally that's ok when you have a wall behind you as well, in this case the cave opens up behind me as well. The area behind me though at this point has been explored.

My arrow machine. It's not the greatest design in the world, but it works like a charm. Skeletons get stuck in the water in their dungeon and then flow to the cactus, the water on the left then pushes them into the cactus, killing them and allowing their loot to sink to the collection point.

This is the entrance to the arrow factory. As you can see I don't like surprises around my front door. The roof is also lined with an over hanging checkerboard design to keep spiders from getting up top.

Another look at the entrance to the arrow factory and it's cave. The cave has been walled on the top to prevent creepers from dropping down on me if I use this entrance. During the day I do, but at night I usually come out through the arrow factory, it's safer.

This is the entrance to the Orange portal tunnel. I went a little crazy in protecting it with flames and cactus. I'm telling you playing on hard has me really worrying about getting killed.

This is the Orange castle as of today. I have a feeling that it's going to get an expansion in the near future. Again the cactus, with the V shape in front of the door there is no way that I can round a corner and get jumped by a creeper. The top of the castle also uses the overhang checker design to prevent spiders climbing the cactus. And I put a little orange walkway by the door for fun.

This is the inside of the Orange castle. The little hut in there is the same hut that I built on day one. I built a little farm, that I never use, and the walled off section in the back is my crafting and vault room. The castle itself serves my purposes and is safe from mobs, except that a clever spider could climb the flag on the outside, but I'll let that go (famous last words I'm sure).

So there it is, all of the locations that I have been talking about in my previous posts. I should post more pictures but normally I'm playing and don't want to spend the time doing the blog right, but I needed to take a night and do it correctly. So voila!

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