Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Minecraft - Mr. Orange

When I made up the rules the other day I didn't realize that I was going to be putting them into motion so quickly, heck I was even contemplating just enacting them by choice because I didn't think that I would ever die in Minecraft. Well a lot can change in a day and one Creeper can ruin your whole day. Red met his end going out with a bang which meant that I needed to put my hardcore plan into motion.

The first thing I did after respawning was go pick up my gear and place it in the chest in the house. I thought that it kind of silly to leave 10 diamonds laying around that I might need in the future if my plan was going to work. Besides it's not like I was actually going to be using them anytime in the near future, we had a new adventure waiting for us. In memorial I placed a grave near the spot where Red died, maybe one day I'll come back and find this gave and think, "Wow that was a long time ago, ah good times..."

Anyway, I loaded up Orange with two picks, two shovels, 20 obsidian, flint, red and yellow flowers, and a stack of torches and entered the portal. Inside the portal I just started digging in a random direction back and forth with no real sense of where I was going, just making a 2 block high path through the uncut nether. At the end of my picks life I carved out an area to build a portal and entered the overworld in what was to be my new home. Thankfully I had placed the game on peaceful until I could get to my new location, the portal appeared in a cave fairly deep within the Earth. With my torches I proceeded to climb out of the depths and found that I was on a small island, and no idea how close or far from my original spawn, it was perfect. As I emerged it was sunrise (that worked out well) so throwing all of my worldly possessions into the water I began life as Mr. Orange, now placing the game back on hard.

To the South was a small forest area next to a flat plot of land, that would be my new home. Working fast I punched out some trees and dug up some dirt, doing all of the things that you would when starting a new world. It was refreshing and kind of awesome knowing that I had to start over, but that I wasn't really in fact starting over because the world was the same one that I had been playing for a couple weeks. As I put my house together I couldn't help but wonder how far from the original spawn I was and if this life was going to be shorted lived as well. I was extra jumpy looking for Creepers, even though I knew that none could have spawned in the first day in this area since it had been on peaceful, but still I worried.

With the house complete, enough anyway to make a safe bed I went to sleep and firmly planted my spawn here in this new territory. I also planted a large flag in the ground as a symbol to my new life and new country. Alas the Creepers kept creeping, and I was on edge knowing that one of them would end my life pretty fast considering that I didn't have iron armor on. My fearless attitude towards them now shattered knowing that one wrong move and it was over. I was pumped, excited, and on the edge of my seat once again. Minecraft revitalized as I played it, is it possible for a game to get a third wind in the middle of play, I guess so, which is why MC is just so awesome.

I thought it best to cover the basics, kill some pigs, find some coal, kill cows, build a wall. The goal of course is to try and stay alive so I went about my business with calculation, establishing a crude Earth wall around the Orange complex. I was proud of myself, in a matter of about 20 minutes I had the rough outline of my new castle. "ggggrrrrrrrrrrr" But what was that? A zombie, here? But it's daytime. It was unmistakable, there was a zombie sound near the entrance to the Orange Castle someplace underground. And like that we had our first assignment, find and kill off that zombie, but that is a tale for another time as it was late and it was time for bed.

On Day 2 I went to work on my base and turned it into a decent castle for a couple hours work.

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