Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Terraria - Day Two

For $10 it's a good game to get, I've been having a lot of fun digging around in caves and exploring the world. So far I've managed to keep myself off the wiki so I don't know all of the recipes, which is keeping a nice level of wonder to the game as I dig something up and think to myself, "Humm I wonder what this will do?" I think that leaving that sense of wonder to the game is a key to my enjoyment, because if I know the items that I'm working towards than it might feel like a grind to get them.

The game is totally old school Metrod. As I was exploring the caves making little jumps and killing off baddies it really had that feeling that I was playing Samus, which is a good thing. I really want to get the guys on to play it, but I know they are locked into Rift so I won't be able to get them to try it with me. I'm not sure if they have a similar problem, but I seem to lock into a single game and play that only, either through lack of time, or out of habit. So maybe I'll drop a line about the game to them to check out, my other fear in telling them has to do with creditability, Terraria isn't as good as Minecraft (so far) in my opinion so do I recommend it? Probably just because I like talking about games.

Anyway the game is fun, I know it kind of sounds like I'm selling myself on it, but it is a good game and it is fun. Last night I had to take the smart route and go to bed at a reasonable hour or I'd have played through the night. I don't find it to be repetitive even though it is all about digging for goodies, there is a lot to explore and new monsters and events to fight, plus deep areas that I haven't even come close to exploring. And lightsabers and rocket boots, I've got to find the mats to make that stuff.

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