Thursday, May 26, 2011

Minecraft - 1.6.8907

Nope I haven't had a chance yet to play or whatever it is up to by now, but I think that I will be doing so in great amount after Memorial Day. Terraria is cool and all (and apparently popular since that has gotten a ton of hits on my blog) but it just doesn't have the same charm, so for the time being I'll be playing more MC, God I love that game.

My brother and I were talking about the Kings playing a hockey game in Sweden in the Fall, I told him that if I were to ever go to Sweden I would have to buy Notch a beer for making what is in my opinion one of the greatest games ever. Thinking of the airfare and the hotel and all the rest, that would be one expensive beer, it had damn well better be cold. =)

So next week I'll start up on 1.6 and I'm going to use the Millaire (spelling) village mod along with my personal hardcore rules. My current game is going well but I just need something out there that I could potentially discover that would be cool, hence the villages. I'll adjust them so that they are super rare, that way finding them will be a treat, and give me that extra reason to go out exploring. I'll keep my current save just incase I don't like the villages, but intend to start over with a new world. Hopefully I'll get a good seed, like the ones I get with my son, I swear he has the best luck for world seeds, huge caverns and suspended mountains. All I ever get is a flat world with a couple boring hills.

Until next week!!! And if that reader that I have from Sweden is Notch, I owe you a beer, not sure when you'll ever get it, but I owe you one, hell make it two!

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