Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minecraft - Village Day 1

Now that we've settled on 1.6.6 it was time to start my hardcore game with the villagers. I have to say, Millaire (or however you spell it, yes I'm too lazy to look it up) is a great mod, a little laggy, but it's great. I do wonder if the lag has more to do with 1.6.6 than the mod, I'll need to play some vanilla to double check.

I spawned in and went to work right away building my new home base. It's an interesting spawn, there is a spider dungeon right next to the spawn and the village is right next to the spawn as well, with a giant mountain next to it. The other interesting feature is that there is a huge area of exposed stone right next to the spawn that had a good deal of coal in it. Additionally there is a forest to the South that I'll be chopping through. Granted I could just go to the village and trade them for wood or other items, but I'm going to hold off my interaction with the village until I get me some diamonds. The reason is that up until you find diamonds you're still pretty much trying to get by, but once you have diamonds and obsidian then you pretty much can do anything. So once I get to the "end game" then I'll start to really play with the village because I don't feel like I'm breaking the progression if I wait until I've hit the cap of my progression. This was the biggest problem that I had with the mods before, they eliminated the progression, sure they made it harder, but with humans dropping loot, it was too easy to get ahead in the game. The other thing was that I felt they broke the balance of the game, it's not to say they aren't great mods, I just didn't really like the feel.

Now by adding the villagers, the "end game" gets extended. Once I'm conquered the world, I can go and play with them and build up their village. In building up the village it will look like a real Red nation for my hardcore game. So the game will evolve but the core of the game won't change. If there was a way to start with a fresh world and then have the village build up after I was established then that would be awesome, and I could if I added them in later, but I wanted the first one to be near the starting location. It would be pure awesome if they popped up after I had tamed the land, like in one of my earlier posts, but what can you do.

My initial building I've decided to go big early, in part because I don't know what to do about the lag (was tempted to play vanilla due to it). My starter home is going to be made of sandstone as a reflection of the amount of sand that is around the starting area, it just seems to fit, and I always go cheap and build with dirt. I guess if I really wanted to be cool I could not allow myself to build with dirt, but really that would have to be a day two thing, humm maybe I could do it, probably could... Heck I do have a lot of glass on the first night and a bed.

Tonight I'm going to see if I can clean up the lag by messing with some settings, but I think it's the mod so I'll probably just be stuck with it, ahh fighting creepers should be just that much more interesting.

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