Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kind of screwed

So if anyone is reading this that was directed from the let's play directory, I'm kind of on hold for a while. I found out that my new computer won't be showing up at home until July 8th so I won't be playing any Minecraft until then. I do have a older computer that my brother gave to my son, and while it's great for a 4 year old, the computer itself is more than twice that age so it's not really possible to play MC at the level of quality that I have come to expect. Make no mistake while MC might not look like much, it's a beast to the wrong computer, to play on my son's computer we have to set the graphics to fast and the draw distance to short, otherwise the game will shut down. So really it's a good time to take a break from MC, no reason to get burned out on it playing in "crappy" mode.

In the meantime I'll probably be playing some Terraria (if that runs on there) or I'll GASP fall back to my Xbox some more, I mean I do need to finish Portal at least. On the bright side it doesn't look like Notch is anywhere closer to releasing 1.7 so maybe the timing will be just right and that will come out on the 4th, mods will get updated and then presto I have a new power machine to play it on. Hey I can dream can't I.

So if anyone has been reading this on an ongoing basis, thanks for reading. I'm not done writing nor done playing MC, but I won't have any good tales to write about MC for at least a couple weeks.

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