Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minecraft - Village Day 1 again

So the Millenaire mod got an update yesterday that I had to use. It was the ability to turn the village generation on and off. For me this is a great update, now I can start in a new world but not have a village right on top of me when I'm starting. I really liked the idea of having to go and find a village, and while when I turned the generation back on one spawned right away and told me where it was, it was in the distance a little bit so the generation was exactly what I wanted.

So yet again I started a new hardcore world, and that's kind of what I hate about mods, when MC gets updated, they have to get updated. And then you just have a mess of waiting around for the mods to get updated and it's just a hassle rather than turn the game on and go. That being said I do think that it's worth it to add a mod or two, the right mod can add life to the game rather than the endless sandbox that it is. Not that I'm complaining about the sandbox, that's what makes it great, it's the progression like I have said before.

Anyway I'm not here to ramble on about that crap, my new world is an interesting one (yea!) Lots of sand, not a lot of trees, and some interesting hills that seem hollow because of how their caves pop out of them. There is also loads of wild grass, I think I already have a stack of 64 seeds from just clearing out the top of a hill for my house. With all of those seeds I almost have to make a farm.

There isn't really much else interesting that took place last night, established my base, found the village, yada yada.

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