Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Minecraft - SSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss

I've played a lot of Minecraft over the last 8 months, generally I think that I'm pretty awesome at the game. Not that I can make a computer or anything, but as far as staying alive, I'm pretty kick as at it. Which is why nights like last night are a nice reminder that I'm never as good as I think I am.

So I'm playing my village hardcore world, and I have to tell you, it's nerve racking knowing that one death and it's over. Anyway I was down doing my diamond exploration so that I could put Mr. Red on the timer so to say. Actually found 6 diamonds so that was nice, naturally I didn't head for the surface or anything, naw I made a pick right there and started mining up Obsidian. Oh sure that was only allowing monsters to spawn all over the place around me, but I'm a badass remember, screw those guys I can take em. Actually I didn't really think about the spawning issue until after I had mined up some Obsidian so by then it was too late for it to make a difference so what can you do.

I mine up my Obsidian (woot portals!!!) and make my way back up to the surface. The first thing I find are three skeletons hiding out behind a wall taking pop shots at me. I was really hoping that I could get them to kill each other off, but no such luck. Since they were kind of trapped behind a wall they were easy to kill off, but without my little arrow machine, wasting my arrows is a little painful.

I made a pretty big mistake when I went digging up those diamonds, well not really a mistake, but I wasn't as complete as I normally am about clearing out a cave before taking the goodies. I left a lot of darkness unexplored in the cave, so on my way up I was confronted with confliction from my desire to get out of the ground and my desire to explore that darkness. Near where the diamonds were was a vast expanse of darkness that I had been probing into with a torch here and there. I thought, "Oh I'll give it a quick peak and see if I see anything." And that was when I saw him emerge from the darkness out of the corner of my eye, a creeper. This time the bastard had the drop on me, I tried to turn and face him, but instead I was looking at a rock. I tried to back up, move away from where I thought he was, but it was no use, I wasn't going to get out of this one. As anyone knows the timer on a Creeper isn't that long, but in this case it was an eternity, I can only imagine what it really feels like to know that you're about to be in serious danger, they say time slows down, it did for me, but this was only a game.

KABOOM!!! Realing I survived the blast, I can picture as my character hobbled off to the safty of the light. I imagined my bloodied body pushing past walls of rocks, broken and beaten, stumbling along the way. My hands shaking from the unnerving blast I drug myself to safty, all the while hoping that nothing else would find me in my battered state. Finally I reached the comfort of what must have been 50 torches and starting eating. My health that had been full at the time of the blast was reduced to 3 hearts and my iron armor that was 9 1/2 was cut in half. I was one of the lucky ones, looking at the blast radius it didn't appear to have been a big blast, good thing too because that Creeper was basically giving me a hug when he went. After that, I stopped messing around and made it to the surface.

On the surface I set up the nether portal in the courtyard of my castle, looks pretty awesome where I placed it. I'll have to get pictures up when I get home and post them. But either way, game is on now, how long will Red last before he meets his end? How large will my castle get before I am finished off? Will the villagers get to build a large village with their activity radius reduced to 100 meters? Only time will tell.

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  1. VoodooFrog, creator of Survivalism, here. Just thought I'd pop in and say I enjoyed this story immensely. Keep it up, and for god's sake stay safe. :D