Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 5 and still no computer

It's day 5 and I'm still without my computer. My hope that it was just the power supply is quickly being dashed as I talked to my IT guy at work and he said that it sounded more like a problem with the processor or the motherboard. The thought of having to spend 3500+ on a new computer is pretty painful, but being without my computer is like losing my left arm. Oh sure I can survive, but is that really living? IS IT!?!?

The other issue is that I don't play as many differnet PC games as I used to, I play Minecraft 95% of the time on my computer so can I really justify spending that type of money on a good computer so that I can play MC... Well of course I can and will, it's retorical. The question is how much power do I need? And when I buy a computer I usually buy a lot of power.

Ugh, I'm going through painful withdrawls, hopefully it might be the power supply, but I have a sinking feeling that there really is a bigger issue that I'll need to deal with...

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