Monday, May 2, 2011

Minecraft - Red? Reds dead baby. Red's dead.

If there is one fact of life, it's that as soon as you start talking smack you end up getting hammered, apparently this rule applies to Minecraft as well. Last week I posted that the game was too easy even on hard, I even ran a poll on the forums asking what everyone else thought (Most thought it was just fine 35% thought too easy). But all of that goes out the window last night when I found myself at the bottom of the crater in the picture above.

So the evening starts off like most any other night, my thought is that I'll go and try to finish off the caves on Red island where I had ran out of tools, food, and arrows the night before. The cave itself was very successful, no serious threats from any monsters getting the jump on me and I was pulling in loads and loads of ore, especially diamonds. By the time I made my way to the surface I had two stacks of iron, tons of coal, and 10 diamonds in tow. I didn't quite finish up all of the exploration within the cave as my tools ran out and I decided that with all of the loot that I had gathered it was probably best to make my way to the surface and deposit my riches before I did something stupid. Little did I know the smart thing was going to be stupid this time around.

After wondering around in the lit cave for awhile I got tired of looking for an exit so I did what I have been doing of late, made my own, digging for the surface in a little staircase. As I approached the surface I could hear what you would have thought was a spider dungeon based on all of their annoying sounds. Turned out that they were surface spiders, they must have been close enough to "smell" me or something because even while I was underground they knew I was coming and were waiting for me when I popped through the surface. And for the record spiders are really stupid, just spinning around the single block opening getting whacked with my sword, morons.

So after killing three spiders that were blocking my way to the outside and feeling secure I emerged from the depths only to find that I hadn't killed off all of the spiders, another one had been in stealth mode or something and wasn't hissing at me, he jumped at me as soon as I emerged, in daylight I might add! Quickly I spun around (not losing control of my mouse for a change) and drew my bow on him pumping arrows into him until nothing was left but floating string. Even gave him the, "Yeah fuck you spider." as he died. But the last laugh wasn't to be mine. Before I could turn around I heard the dreaded "SSSSSSSSS" and as I turned I caught the face of my killer just as he blew the two of us to pieces.

Death by Creeper with my loot scattered around the crater that I had become. This is where hard makes you pay for your mistakes. I had a pretty high level of armor on and was at 8 or 9 hearts, but the Creeper was close enough to give me a hug that no matter if I were full on both health and armor I probably still would have been killed. And me sitting there in shock at what had just happened, the game that I had just bashed for being too easy and not being able to kill me, did me in in glorious fashion. No I wasn't killed by falling in lava, or burring myself or anything stupid like that, nope I got killed by a Creeper sneaking up on my ass and blowing me to pieces. Well played Minecraft, well played.

This marked the end of Mr. Red, but not the end of our story as Mr. Orange was ready to begin his journey.

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