Monday, January 17, 2011

Minecraft - The Carlplex

Thank you Drus for making me feel like an absolute loser, you too Crash! While I have been off toiling away at my lighthouse and my rail line and going off on the search for cactus (did find some after a 2 day walk, but that's another post) these two assholes have been off building massive works of art, jerks. =)
It's been like a week since I last posted on here and as the great blogger that I am I didn't journal any of it, woohoo go me! So rather than rehash what seems like a million things I'll hit on the big items briefly, in bullet form!
- Went looking for Cactus
- Built a death trapish formation in front of the lighthouse
- Dove down into the deepest cave ever, and it was huge
- Started construction on phase 3 of the Ick express line.
Cactus - After watching some videos of people making monster traps with cactus, I knew that I needed to go and look for some. As I've said on here my lighthouse still gets a lot of solicitors so in order to keep them off the lawn, I needed some barbed wire. I set off to the East again since it was fairly flat and I already had one outpost out aways. From the Eastern outpost I travelled another full day then had to hold up for the night making another small shelter. The next day I pushed on into the great unknown East and finally found a desert right as night was beginning to fall yet again. Greedily I scooped up all the cactus that I could find, only thinking later that I could probably just grow more (which I ended up setting up a cactus farm under the light house).
Deathtrap - Once I got back from my cactus adventure I went to work setting up the cactus in front of the lighthouse in a way that could trap potential mobs in it's thorns and rip them to shreds. While it's not a work of art, it does protect the front of my house making it safe to step outside. I even set up a little collector to pick up any items that drop off my victims. It's not great but it gets the job done, plus gives me something to do at night trying to lure mobs into their deaths.
The never ending cave! - Usually when I venture into a cave I don't mess around, I bring stacks of arrows and torches because I shoot first and ask questions later and light the hell out of the underground. Not like Druss pyramid, but you get the idea. This cave which I need a picture for seriously drops down 40 levels right at the entrance with a giant lava fall. At the entrance level the first ore that I saw was gold, good stuff! After walking a little ways in there it was on the wall opposite of me only down a couple more levels, but 3 exposed diamonds in the wall across from me, seriously it was like 5 minutes of exploration to find them.
Later Crash and Druss got on and we joined up in the cave, naturally I got separated again as I go off dropping torches not paying attention to the other members of the class. The cave itself was the largest thing that we have ever seen it went on forever, eventually we were all kind of screwed, they were out of hearts, food, and ammo, and hopelessly lost, I was surrounded by creepers and zombies and out of ammo myself. While I eventually found my way back to the entrance, they took the route of just digging straight up to get out, coming out near the lighthouse which was a very long way away from our original entrance.
Railway - Finally I've started work on what will be a very large expansion to my rail system. I'm building it to the East towards my outposts and starting off with a giant bridge over the water next to the lighthouse. It's going to take a lot of stone and a lot of iron to complete this, but after I'm done then it will be a great way to explore much further away from our civilized areas.

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