Monday, January 3, 2011

Minecraft - Guild Run

A whole bunch has happened since my last post on here, the biggest of course being that we got the server running on my machine and the performance is soo much better. A lot has happened, but I'm going to key in on two things, last night's little adventure and my son's reaction to seeing a train in the game and the evil that comes with that...

Last night was the first time that the three of us were all on at the same time and Crash suggested that we do a guild run, as a joke. Naturally Drussan and I jumped at the idea because that sounded like lots of fun to me. So I headed to the midpoint between their two homes (I live out in the middle of no where) and watched as Drus jump his way down from his mountain palace, man he needs to make some stairs (I'll have to get a picture). And I stared up at the ID4 spaceship that is taking shape over what used to be the starter town (I'll need a picture of that too). Mind you the space ship is so damn big and creates such a shadow over what was a town that there is generally an army of monsters underneath it waiting for anyone that goes there, starter town my ass!

So we meet up next to what I think is going to be a good cave and in we go, Crash and I clad in our iron armor and Drus in a teeshirt and jeans. Our "tank" goes in first (Crash) and is quickly welcomed underground by a creeper that blows up in his face, and then a second one that I think we killed off, and then a third. It all started off pretty quick, and was a promising start to our adventure. Quickly we spread through the cave tossing torches all over the place lighting it up, only to find out that it was a pretty small hole. It did have some iron so it wasn't all bad, but it was not the epic adventure that we were hoping for.

By the time we got back to the surface it was nighttime, thankfully there were no mobs waiting for us, this time... After standing around for a minute I told Crash to go off looking for our next cave. We headed South towards the sea and came across snowy hills that led to an iced over body of water and a very cool looking peak in the distance, but sadly no holes to dive into. We headed back to the mainland, throwing snowballs at each other as we worked our way back and then found a small hole that we could use to hold up in for the night. The cave was pretty boring, had some coal but nothing too awesome. I got bored and started digging down to see if there was anything below us, as I dug I heard the familiar sound of a spider behind the walls, yes there was a cave down here.

Crash and Drus started digging in different directions and presto we found it, a large cave system deep underground that would become our adventure. As we entered we fanned out, Crash and Drus headed in one direction lighting the way and I in another direction following the darkness and lighting it up. It didn't take long for us to get separated and I was lost from the group. By the time I found them, Crash was AFK hiding in a hole and Drus had found out that lava is hot, killing him. Crash got back and between the two of us we cleaned up Drus's gear and put it in a chest for him to retrieve and then Crash went up to the surface to help Drus get down to us. While they were coming I ventured forth and quickly got into combat with 3 skeletons playing in an underground river, which I damned up. Again we spread out looking for our ore loot, and then the text came in...

"What is blue ore?"

Drus had found diamonds!

Worried that he'd dig them up and then get jumped Crash and I descended down towards him to help secure our booty. A 6 vein! That's huge, each getting two diamonds, and then it was time to get the hell out of there with our "purples". Up near the surface Crash had built a door so that the cave we were in would be safe, and he was going to log out. But something was telling me that we weren't out of the woods yet with the way Drus was messing with that door, not to mention there was a creeper standing right behind it. He'd never open the door would he?


Yeah he would. And then another


By now the entrance way is a huge smouldering crater with a zombie trying to hop through to us. Crash said fuck this and went and dug up another hole to get out and made his break for home. Drus and I waited until the sun came up and then made our break for it. Thankfully no mobs in the way, and we were able to get our loot home safely. I even made a little box that says diamonds on it in my house.

It was a great evening and a lot of fun. The randomness of it all really adds to the experience and time just flies while playing it.

But I have a problem on my hands, my son LOVES minecraft, and he's only 4. I happened to be playing it while my daughter was asleep and he came in to see what I was up to. He sat down on my lap and I showed him that I was making a lighthouse. Then we started cutting down trees, going into our house when the night was coming to avoid monsters, killing cows and pigs and chickens, and finally making the trip to Crash's underground lair where he had build a train system. Holy crap my son about burst with how awesome he thought riding in the little mine car was, and then went Crash happened to get online he lost it, he thought watching him ride the car was the greatest thing ever.

Knowing that we were spending a little too much time on the game I told him that we needed to get off, and he wasn't too happy. I had to distract him once we got upstairs with some wrestling and burying each other in blocks to take his mind off it. And then when it was time for bed he asked me to wake him up in the morning so that we could play "the game" before it was time for him to go to school. Oh we have a problem on our hands, I'm going to have to set up play limits for him. It's not like he was never going to find video games, I mean he's a boy and he's my son so it was coming, but I was surprised at the form that it took. At least MC is about as G rated as you can get, scary as hell sure, but it's violence is so basic that it's nothing to worry about. As a side project though I think that I'm going to spend some time with him on the guitar as well so that he will continue to develop a love for that too as a way to balance out the games. While I have to admit that I think it's cool that he's playing the game with me, I have to keep things in perspective because playing a video game can become out of control fast and I don't want him to become addicted to them like I am. Some play is healthy and normal in my opinion, but marathon sessions are dangerous especially at his age so some limits are in definite order. I'm thinking 30 mins on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends, but only if he asks to play, I won't bring it up. That seems like it would be reasonable and not any worse that sitting in front of a TV and watching a movie.

So until next time...

Look down, look up

my hand is now filled with diamonds

anything is possible when you play Minecraft

I'm on a pig!

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