Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Minecraft - I'm on a Pig!

It's a little hard to see in there but that is the "Deadman's Party" 5 zombies gone wild, even bringing a cow to the party, those sick undead bastards! I decided that I'd decline their invitation to dance in the hole with them, instead just taking the party favors, like the saddle in the picture above. That's right pig squeal for me!

And speaking of deliverance, how about that super duper cool deliver express system that I've set up on the bridge! I took pictures from both directions just to give some perspective on it's size. I mean it's not huge by any means yet, but it is a good 130 blocks long and works to get me across the water in safety even at night. On the far bank I set up a little station, which is where I'm riding the pig, the eventual track will be enclosed, but I really wanted to keep the bridge open because I think that it just looks so much better.
The plans for the full rail line will take it out over the hills rather than under them, as I want to make it look nice. I'll enclose the line in glass so that it will be safe but still a pleasant vistful ride safe from all forms of evil.
Speaking of evil, let's talk about Who knew that migrating a web server would be such hell. For the past couple of nights it has been virtually impossible for the other guys to log on to the server as they keep timing out. It could be server side, but I really think that it has to do with the authentication on the website because all the madness started about the same time. Let's all hope that gets fixed soon because I can see the guys getting tired of the crap and jumping on to something else.
I also did a couple other random things, restocked my coal and torches that I had lost from the earthquake, and I did it the hard way. I could have just edited them back in, but what the hell, I was having more fun just doing it the old fashion way. I cleared out a couple small caves near the light house for their coal and iron and I also returned to the never ending cave. I found where the guys had climbed out the other night and went down to go and dig me up some ore. I didn't get too far down before I started running thin on my two stacks of torches (yes the cave is that big, we've been there several times and it still has infinite dark areas to explore). The place was crawling with activity from the get go, everything hiding out in the upper dark areas that were just above the lit lower section, which I was standing in. As usual nothing that my bow couldn't handle but I did have one slip up. I was looking over a ledge and accidentally fell down a couple blocks, not a big deal but as always who was there, Mr. Creeper. I survived but it just goes to remind us all that one slip up and BOOM!!!
In 3 hours last night, I explored a dark cave, fought with all sorts of monsters, mined for materials, killed farm animals, cut down some trees, built a rail station, and attended a zombie party. Game just keeps getting better and better, now if only it would be stable again...
Next project, get wool and make a giant FG logo.

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