Monday, January 10, 2011

Minecraft - My minecart system

It's not the best set up ever as I'm sure it's dripping with newbness, but it works and I am fairly proud of it. Maybe one day I'll figure out switch plates and redstone, but for now what I needed was a quick way between points B and C, and this does it.

This is the starting and ending point for the lighthouse station. There has been a problem on the original line with carts launching on accident when you get out of them, so in order to at least limit that I decided to take out the rails at the end point. This way if you accidentally bump the cart it's far less likely to go shooting down the track requiring maintenance.
Here is what it looks like with the cart at the end of the run.
Again it's nothing special, but this is the starting launcher for the system. You push up and fall into the slot and it zips you along to the next booster. I'm sure someone has a nice perpetual system on youtube that I could look up, but part of me wants to keep the system my own, even if it's not perfect.
A problem that I was running into was the return shot was getting slowed down by the launcher going the opposite direction. In order to fix the problem I just made the route go around the launcher and rejoin at the ramp, thus the direction wasn't an issue and I wouldn't have to worry about losing momentum.
This shot just illustrates how the diversion takes place.
The next issue that I had to contend with was that I was down about 20 blocks from station B. After doing a little research online (yeah I know I said I didn't want to do too much, but there is a difference between pretty and working, I needed working). The cart that you're riding in is glitched with the one on the launcher ramp and it sends you up the path in fact giving you speed, physics be damned!!!
Here is the other side of the up launcher. In order to prevent the return track from getting messed up with launcher I made a side track that goes along the other side and hits a booster at the bottom.
This is the launch point from station B. I used two vertical boosters when coming into the station from the lighthouse and the launch here is a simple hill that runs into a booster a little further on the track.
I also went back to the first rail line and changed the docking points to the ones like the one at the lighthouse in an effort to better stabilize the system from errors. Right now it's not perfect, but it works pretty well. The best is when I'm riding and have to go through a chunk error and I can see the inside of the world, that's just cool.
Another thing I was thinking I might do with the line since it does go through a portion of the super huge cave, is put up glass along the side so that you can see into the cave just for ascetics.

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