Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Minecraft - Ick's Super Fortress

I've been pretty busy with work and life so there has been little time to post anything in the way of MC, until today finally. As you see from the pictures above I'm going big on my super fortress, I'm sick of those two other jerks having awesome places and me with only my lighthouse, fuck them I'm going to knock this one out of the ballpark. Oh what you didn't know this was a building competition, oh yeah buddy it's on and my little shitty lighthouse isn't going to be my only structure for very long. Granted I have a working subway system that lets me travel at night but it's just not the same as a big ass building that you can say, "see that, yeah I did it." showoffs!
Of course I mean all of this in jest (sort of) afterall it is fun cubed right? Of course it is. Anyway back to my point, if I had one. I am going to make a super structure that will not only be impenetrable to monsters, but kill them if they even look at the thing. I got the idea yesterday while tooling around with my little death machine under the lighthouse. For fun I decided that I would make a death machine that would kill mobs that I could stand in and just collect items. After some tinkering I got it to work, poorly, but it works. The biggest problems are that I didn't build it big enough or the collection point far enough from the spawn area, so in order to use the thing I have to go do other stuff in the light house and then come back to collect, I guess that works, but it's not really what I was going for. Of course Crash says the whole concept is cheating if you can sit in the collector and just afk your way to items. My take is that it's success and efficiency are purely based on the design itself, so if you make a good one then you'll reap much better benefits, if not then it will suck, right now mine sucks.
So Death Machine #1 sucks, but it did prove that the concept was valid and that it could be done (obviously it could be considering their are lots of them online, but to me that would be cheating). So knowing that it could be done I started thinking about doing it right and as I thought about doing it right it got me thinking about structures that you see in all RPGs, big ass towers and castles that are filled with mobs with a boss hiding out in the structure someplace, well that boss is going to be me, and those mobs, meat for my grinders. I will populate my tower and castle with dozens of mobs and then melt them down for their goodies, wwwwaaaahhhhaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa.
Which brings me back to the super fortress as I am calling it for now, I'm sure I'll come up with a better name later on. I haven't totally decided how I'm going to do it, but I know there will be at least one large tower that will basically be there to generate mobs and then funnel them down to a death machine below. I might make two towers, not sure yet how it's all going to look. The base will have my house which will have a collector that comes right to my crafting spot or vault, and it's going to be big in there. I'm tired of working in these little spaces that really are just studio apartments, nope I'm hollowing out the mountain that the castle/tower is going to sit upon. The other key design in the structure is the cactus fence all the way around the place two layers thick. Sure I could have made it so that nothing could get through by staggering it, but I wanted those bastards to come and die on it, the theme here is death, and oh yes, there will be blood.

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