Friday, January 7, 2011

Minecraft - Hardcore Chicken

I'm going to just come out and say it, I'm a coward, a scared little girl when it comes to playing games in the dark. When a mob jumps out at me even after two months of playing the game I lose total control of my mouse and freak out, thankfully I lose total control of my motor skills so often now that I'm able to regain control much faster than I used to. And I'm actually pretty decent at FPS games!!!

I've also noticed that some people are actually reading this blog now (yes all like 2 of you out there) so in the future I'm going to start taking more pictures to post. I know I should just get my butt on Fraps and make a real movie, but my playtime is usually pretty limited so I don't want to waste that time rendering and uploading movies to youtube. Maybe it's not as hard as I'm thinking, but how can I deny the awesome power that is MC??? But anyway I'll work on getting more pics up, usually I post this blog from work (ssssshhhhhhhhh don't tell them) so I have to e-mail the pictures that I take to work then upload them. Well I could just post them and then come back and edit the comments later, oh no that would make way too much sense...

Where was I? Besides talking in circles about being lazy? Oh yes last night's adventure...

So after completing the lighthouse with it's cool lava lamp at the top and other mindless creative projects like the subway (ok that's still pretty cool, that should be the first video) I thought it was time to roll up my sleeves and take a trip into the darkness again, with the idea of finding more iron for future rail lines. There were plenty of caves around the lighthouse so at daybreak I headed for the nearest one.

The cave itself had a very vertical drop into it and at the bottom a cavernous room that was just gigantic. I took my time to look for the best way to drop down which was to make a short little **** AAHHHH IM FALLING!!!!*****

Bam! Drop down 6 blocks into the darkness to quickly find a creeper next to me welcoming me to hell. I regained control quickly and sent him back to the darkness from which he came with my supercharged bow of death. Then a zombie came up from behind me, I whizzed around and sent 5 arrows into his chest dropping him in a cloud of dust leaving only a feather behind. Then it was torch time, one here, one there, another, it was no use every where that I placed a torch I was greeted with yet another dark passageway. The cave system that I had fallen into was huge, large dark rooms, tunnels into all sorts of different directions in the ceiling linked to the main chambers with single block paths, every turn was another monster to fight and I was surrounded by the sound of unseen spiders and zombies.

I'm pretty conservative in how I go exploring (see coward) so I only brought about 100 torches and 100 arrows with me, the problem was each mob took 5 arrows to kill (I have a sword but on multiplayer it's kind of hard to time right) and with all of the passageways I was starting to run low on torches as well. To make matters worse, I didn't remember where I had fallen into the cave. When I fell in I was instantly in combat and running for my life so I was short on supplies with no idea where I was.


Ah yes the usually annoying sound of the constantly mooing cows, I was near the surface. I'd wait until daylight and then punch through. Turns out that I punched through back to the surface only 10 blocks away from the light house, oh this was perfect! I enclosed the cave exit and connected it to the entrance that I had made under the light house for some mining, was an absolutely perfect turn of events.

So I restocked up and went back into the never ending cave system. By the end of the night I'd have explored and mined it for over 2 hours and still hadn't finished it all up. Most of the top section is "cleared" but there is still a deeper section that I need to get to next time, but more on that in a minute.

sssssstttttttttttttttt <--- Spider sound

In my exploring I heard a gazillion spiders someplace, finally I found it.

A spider spawner, the mindcrack series writer Guude would have been so happy, infinite string!!!

I don't think that I'll make a trap, but I surrounded it with torches just in case I want to in the future (note there are 8 torches around it now, not the 2 in the picture). Got some iron from the chests as well. And speaking of loot, I forgot, in my initial decent into the cave I got into a fire fight with a pair of skeletons and was lucky enough for them to hit each other with one of them killing the other and dropping me a gold record, now if I only could find some extra diamond to play it. (Yes I have two diamonds in storage but the pick is more important than music).

At this point I'm feeling pretty good about myself. The gigantic cave is lit 300 torches later, and I'm starting to tell Drus about it and the amount of iron that it has (3 full stacks so far, lots of rail ways) and then I see a little darkness up in a corner that I missed, well crap will I ever be finished? So I hop my little digital redshirt butt up there to drop some torches and what do I find????

You guessed it a frakin Creeper SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH **BOOM!!!***

I couldn't get my bow out fast enough and my instinct was to run, so I dropped down where I was climbing up, but it was no use, he thought that I needed a new hat so he jumped on my head before I could do anything.

No I didn't die, but he got me pretty good, and his buddies were right behind him coming for me as well. Rapid fire bow into action!!! Lesson here, don't ever start to think that you have a place covered, as soon as you do a fucking creeper will drop on your head.

Now fairly convinced that the place was clean I went to work clearing out the remaining materials, even coal, I just thought the picture below was a lot of coal in one spot.

Finally it was getting late and I needed to get off, but there was one thing that I kept hearing that was throwing me off, I kept hearing a damn chicken. I'm guessing that I was at least 20 to 30 blocks below the surface so it wasn't coming from up there. Maybe a chicken fell down where I came in and he was up there, but I never saw him. But it was just a chicken, I mean I was curious, but he wasn't a priority. And then right before I was going to head back to log off I see this...

It's a little hard to make out, but that is a chicken egg down in the lower regions that I haven't yet explored. That is one hardcore chicken down there. And as such I can never call myself a chicken again because that would be disrespectful towards that brave chicken that ventured to the center of the Earth, and taking his kids with him!!! To you brave brave chicken I salute you, you are a far braver man than I, shit you don't even have torches. May you be an example to us all.
Until next time. I have a feeling that we'll see some more guild runs this weekend. And I'll get more pictures for anyone that might actually be reading this.

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