Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Minecraft - Picture time

Last night was kind of a slow night, I didn't get on until late so I wasn't really feeling too industrious with any new big projects. I did get my mine car track going between my house and the old area, but I'll need to do some research on how to make the thing go faster than walking speed. Granted having an auto run option is nice, but seriously if I put in that much iron I want it to fly. The tunnel itself is about 200 blocks in length, I now have a lot of stone to build with, but more on that in a moment.

Drus was busy at work on his very inaccessible mountain palace, seriously there is no easy way to get up there, I'm going to build some stairs or a ladder or something, I mean it's crazy, here is a picture, and remember there is no easy way up.

I mean it's cool, but seriously, that's way up there for having to hop up the mountainside. Not to mention that it seems like a damn Creeper sanctuary up there, I think I got blasted twice my last visit up there. But since Drus has been hard at work, I decided to take some shots of his place.

It's funny because he was asking me if there was a way to keep the fire going in his house, I told him that he could go to hell and get some dirt/rocks from there. I think that he thought I was messing with him because he didn't know about the nether region of the world (does it work in multiplayer?). So I think he has a new goal after he completes his palace, he's going to go hunting for diamonds to make that pick and make a portal.

But it's not like fire is a big issue for him, he set the entire region on fire last night after he learned about making a flint and tender. The pyro burned up the entire center region between his house and Crash's and then some hillside north of his palace. Here is one picture that I got, and no it's not the space ship from Independence Day that's setting everything ablaze it was Drus.

That building floating up there is Crash's place, and it is huge, 40x40 just under the cloud line, I told him that he needs to make a portal to get up there, but I'm not to sure that he liked the idea. I think I'm going to just start calling that place Nax.

But this all leads me to what am I going to do with all of that stone that I have? I really don't want to do something normal, but I don't want to go all floating city either. I do have my lighthouse that I need to finish up, but that just isn't going to have the wow factor that these guys did. I'll think of something, but it also has to fit into the look of the world, I mean I could make this huge structure but if it's an eyesore then what is the point, kind of shatters the feel.

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