Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Minecraft - To hell with Smokey the bear

So last night I bribed my son to help clean up all of the toys upstairs because we had the cleaners coming in the morning and the place was a disaster. So in securing his help I told him that if he would help that we could play on "the game" for a little bit, he doesn't even know what it's called, it's simply "the game". And he worked his little butt off to clean that house so that we could do some playing, ah children.

So we get online and I'm not really going to do to much becuase I've got him sitting on my lap and he really doesn't like the monsters that come out at night so we were just going to take a ride on the subway a couple of times and I figured we'd wonder around a little bit. He then tells me that he wants to build a house, ok let's do that. (Naturally I didn't take a picture of our house) By the time night falls we're in our little house without a whole lot to do so we decide to start digging and maybe we can find some materials, who knows. Within a couple minutes we found some iron, I told him, "this is iron, we need this to make more railroad tracks." Instantly a little light blub pops up over his head, understanding why we want to go looking for iron.

When the day light comes he wants to go and see our "other house" the light house, so we head East. Along the way we run into a couple of holes that somehow I didn't see before and marked them with torches for later exploration becuase he doesn't like going into caves where the monsters are. But we did see some exposed iron, to which he was saying, "we need to get that iron." Ah I'm so proud... =D

Finally we make it to the light house and we go up to the top to finish up the observation deck. As I complete the project I take a look out into the distance and I see this...

Out in the distance is a fire raging. I'm excited becuase no one lives in that area so it isn't Drus going all pyro this time, no this is a natural fire. It was almost bedtime for my little co-pilot but, We have to check this out!

There were seriously 1000 trees on fire in what was once a huge forest. We looked around for a couple of minutes but I didn't really go exploring it becuase it was time for my son to go to bed. So I logged off while the fire was in full swing, which means that the chunk fire is locked in due to a bug or glitch or something. So when I logged back on, the fire was still there and I'm guessing will be there forever now.
So I get on and Crash is on and he's telling me about being lost in a cave that he is digging. I'm like "Dude come here you HAVE to see this!"
"Man I'm lost" - Crash
"Do you want me to port you, this is amazing!" - Ick
"Naw I'm good" - Crash
"I'm sending you an e-mail, go check it." - Ick
once he got to me he was in awe by it as well. About that time Drus logged on and we both started telling him about it. Not wanting to waste time this time I just used the /tp command to get him to us. From the distance we were all like WOW, and when the morning came we went venturing forth to see it first hand.
We get in there and there are drops from dead animals all over the place, cows on fire, sheep on fire, pigs on fire. Drus is going around trying to kill off cows and he accidently hits Crash and kills him, quick /tp. Then Drus gets too close to a tree and catches on fire /tp Once we're all alive again we go looking for the source of all this madness, and just as I expected there it was, a lava flow right next to what was left of a tree.
Seriously this is the most amazing thing in a game ever in my opinion, why? Because it was completely unscripted! The random code just generated a lava flow a little too close to a forest and presto you have an incenerated patch of land. You litterally never know what is going to happen next in this game, and I'm very excited about the patches that are coming that are supposed to add NPC villages and other stuff, I can only imagine what crazy stuff that will bring to the table.
I love Minecraft!!!!

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