Monday, December 20, 2010

Minecraft - Beta Prime

So it's the first night of beta and Crash didn't update the server so I did a little playing on the single player. As you can see from the pictures I went exploring and building, I kind of like my little fountain.
I started the night with the thirst for adventure and thought that it was time that I got up the balls to go clear out that cave that I had been toying with for the last couple of weeks on the SP. So I followed the pathways to the spot where I was going to need to drop down and naturally there were a couple creepers waiting there for me. They really aren't too much to deal with if you can whack them from a couple blocks above so I cleared they out and then jumped down. Instantly here came another creeper from the darkness, I drew my bow and fired into his sad face, his body falling to the floor and leaving behind a couple small piles of sulfur (not gunpowder actually) when I heard the dreaded SSSSSSSSSSSS. I spun around quickly and could only see the feet of another one trapped behind the block that I used to jump down to the level I was on, talk about luck. I sent a couple arrows into his body as well making sure that my back was clear before venturing onward.
And this is where it hit me, why there is such a thrill digging around underground. As I prepared to rush into the darkness with my torch in hand I realized how vulnerable that I really was when I rushed in to total darkness to drop a torch. If something were to jump out at me, I'd freak, lose control of my mouse and run around like a little girl not able to fend off what was coming at me. Now I have to say I'm decent at the average FPS, so this shouldn't happen with me, but it does. I freak out because I really think that I'm going to die in there when something attacks me and I'm not expecting it. So when I go spelunking there is always the feeling that something is going to come out of the darkness and I'll be completely unprepared to deal with it. I mean if I see something coming, it's not that hard to deal with, heck I even have time to pick the right weapon most of the time, but in the darkness you have to do a lot all at once. First you have to figure out what is coming for you, is it a spider, a skeleton, creeper? Depending on what it is you have to use very different tactics. Second where is it coming from? Generally you'll hear a zombie coming so they aren't a big deal, a skeleton usually will announce that they are around by whizzing an arrow past your head, a creeper, usually you don't see them until they are right in your face since they don't make noise. Third, what weapon do I need? Usually the bow is the sure fire bet, but do you really want to waste arrows on a zombie? Fourth, are there adds? Fifth, where can I move to? All of this happens in an instant and the best part is that you never know when that instant is going to come. It might never come in a dungeon, or you might get 5 or 6 instances of it all right back to back, you just don't know.
So I charged in with my torches and lit up this huge cavern of a room and proceeded into the next room, naturally a creeper was waiting for me, no problem. The next room was almost vertical, I went up a couple blocks and realized that it went to the surface so didn't really need to go all the way up. Besides I saw that a creeper was hanging out up there a couple levels above me, and as everyone knows a creeper above you is a very bad thing. So I just headed back and sealed off that part of the cave.
I had one final area that I needed to check out, I was hoping that the cave would take me down to the bedrock, but sadly this cave did not. But as I was checking out my final passage I heard an arrow twang on the ground next to me, there was a freakin skeleton in here, in an area that I thought was safe. It was that same passage way that I wrote about a couple weeks ago where a creeper and a skeleton were just hanging out. So I looked around, and there he was, a skeleton sniper sitting up on a ledge firing at me. I think their aim got worse in the beta because he wasn't too hard to pick off, then I went up to light up his little cubby hole. Dropping dirt under me to climb was a little nerve racking because what would happen if a creeper spawned up there while I was climbing up, ah the tension. Anyway I got up there, dropped a torch and saw this 3x1 spawn spot, sneaky bastards.
At this point the cave was cleared, I could have dug down and seen where else it would go, but I wasn't in the mood for digging I was in the mood for exploration. So I packed up my bags and headed off to the North looking for a large cave that I could set up shop next to. I ended up finding the mountain face that you see in the pictures above, it was just too cool to pass up. So I went to work on a new home, why? why not? This time I thought that I'd get a little more sophisticated and add a little fountain, the walls are better, and the entry gate is better as well. i even climbed up the cliff face to make my 2 high retaining wall up above me to make sure that nothing was going to come raining down on my palace. It was a thing of beauty, which I'm still planning on doing more with, and then I saw a creeper way way up high over my palace. Wanting to see if he'd die if he fell I shot an arrow up at him, honestly didn't think that I could hit him, thinking he was too high, but I hit him and he disappeared. A couple moments past and then I caught him jumping down into the water of my fountain, not dieing. I took care of him, but I'll need to fix that problem up above me to make sure I don't have to worry about that again.
From e-mails I can see that Crash is having trouble with the server, so who knows how long that could be down, either way I probably won't get to do anything until after I get back from Christmas, so no hurry from my standpoint.

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