Thursday, December 9, 2010

Minecraft - Fun Squared

Oh man if that isn't the best pun ever for MC I don't know what is, in fact I'm going to have to use that as the subject later when I e-mail the guys about the intro adventure that my brother and I had last night. Granted it was laggy as hell, but hey it's alpha so what do you expect. But last night showed the awesome potential of what is in front of us. It wasn't simply twice as fun, it was exponentially better (get it fun squared, plus the game is a bunch of squares, har har).

So yesterday we talked about it, we were both going to try and get the server going on our respective machines, but I wasn't expecting to have the time last night myself. Later I get a call from my brother telling me that he needed me to test and see if I could get on, I could, that meant that we were in business.

Later in the evening I jump on, you can already tell that there is some lag, I'll dig out a spot of dirt but the spot doesn't go away, mainly because of the lag not updating. Those problems did persist through the night, which was a downer because it made doing anything pretty tricky. It also caused a problem that ended up killing my brother while we were looking for some zombies, as a note to myself, we need to build a walkway from the spawn point to our mountain homes.

Ok so I spawn and he comes running over to me from across the water, he had already been on doing a little exploration and he had found a mountain with a gigantic waterfall, have to say it was very impressive. I get to work right away mining out some coal and claim the hole as my house, he's like fine, here is mine, and he takes me to a cave that he dug out behind the waterfall, very cool.

From there we both did a little digging in our homes to make them bigger and that's when we both heard the moan of zombies someplace in the mountain with us. I never found them, but I'll have to continue the search next time I'm on so that we can clear out the chamber, I'm actually expecting a spawner in there from the number of moans that we heard.

After that I cleared out the area in front of my house so that it would be safe and did a little exploration, finding a huge cave nearby that will have to be explored. But the lag got pretty bad so I'll have to keep my expectations in check until the next patch. Of course at the end of the night my brother tells me that he has his wow server running on the computer that the MC server is on, not sure but I'm guessing that probably wasn't helping things.

I'm going to wait until the game becomes a little more stable before hitting up the other guys, but I could see this being a lot of fun with the group of us. Exploration would be a blast and raiding a dungeon (especially if the boss mobs are added) would be a blast as one of us would be on look out as we explored. My brother agreed that we can probably get Kerg to join us, but we'll have to break his WoW addiction long enough to do so, Keg would be nice to get, but as my brother said, "Good luck."

Until next time

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