Monday, December 20, 2010

Minecraft - Fun Cubed!

If someone else joined up with us I don't know what clever title that I'd come up with, but now that we have Kerg in the mix, the fun is now cubed!

I'm still fighting with my home computer to get the game to run without the "magic blocks" that disappear and reappear when trying to mine them. It's made the game unplayable on that system and I've pretty much tried everything that I can think of. So in reaction to that I'm going with plan B, I've broken out my old laptop and I've been playing in the browser. It's not ideal by any means, but it does work and it's stable as anything. I'll keep messing with the main system because it looks so much better on there, but for now I'll look at maxing out the performance on my laptop.

So last night once I got my laptop going I decided that I'd try and explore the cave that is underneath my house. As I got deeper I saw a very cool underground river that flowed deep into the cave. I followed the path to see that it met up with another river and poured down into a giant hole that I'm assuming went all the way to the bottom because I could see light coming from deep down below. However the drop off was a location of a lot of danger as well, there is a dark opening right around the corner and next to the drop off that I need to get around so that I can further explore. Problem is, is that it's spawn heaven, I counted 4 creepers, a spider, a zombie, and 2 skeletons that all tried to get around that hole to get to me. A couple of the creepers blew up next to the hole and increased the size of it, opening it all the way up, and making it that much more dangerous. The place is a serious hell hole, I'm going to want to go back and clear it out because there is iron down there, but it's going to be tough.

So in an effort to clear that place out, I decided that I would go get me some armor (not sure if it works in multiplayer yet) and get back down there. Naturally there was only like 1 cow up in the starter town so I had to go out looking to round up some cattle. As I got further away I just decided that I was going to make a little outpost in the middle of nowhere just for a change of scenery (Crash has basically built up the entire starter town) I wasn't really intending on making it a complete house, but after I started work, it turned out really cool and I spent the rest of the evening working on it. I'll get some pictures up, it has a nice outer wall with a ditch around the front and the cliff to the side of the house is dug out with a trench inside of it preventing mobs from dropping down on my head. The coolest part though is the house itself, there was this giant pillar that extended up to about the clouds but had a very small ununiformed opening at it's base that was just screaming to be built in. The natural location is just fantastic with an even more strategic location just to the side of it, with an opening right next to a waterfall and stream on the side of a small hill, which would be very easy to secure.

Not sure what I'm going to do next. I might keep building that house, might go back to clear out the other dungeon, or I might just go exploring and build another house out in the wilderness. Really it's just going to be wherever the winds take me. I do think that I should run out into the distance and make an evil looking empire with lava and obsidian, really far out there so that if the guys ever see it they will be like WTF! is this! Good times.

In the not so good times, my wow account apparently got hacked. Not that I'd really care on the wow account since I don't plan to fire WoW up again (I don't want to burn out on that style of game before TOR), but I do want to get Diablo 3 and this will just be a serious pain in my ass if I don't get it resolved. Let's see how well the legendary blizz support does for me, I don't really have high hopes.

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