Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minecraft - No sprelunking for you!

I played a bit last night but I'm not really sure what all I did. I made a tower on the corner of my palace that was really nice, the glass floors on the overhang are now going to be standard. And with that I kind of felt like my little abode was complete on the outside. I did a little digging inside my place, got to the bedrock and then decided that I was going to start making branch mines. I was really hoping that I'd hit a natural cave system, but I didn't hit anything. And speaking of natural cave systems, I am in a region that is like devoid of them...

So after my tower construction and my mining, I decided that I'd go do a little exploring looking for a nice cave to go dive into, nothing. There literally is nothing around me for a very long way, at least that I found so far. When I went to the far North I found a very cool looking mountain structure that looked to have a couple caves in it. One of them was a bust, but I have yet to check out the other two. I'm going to need to set up a sort of base camp over there to check it out because it's too far of a walk to go back and forth on repeatedly, probably just build a house in the middle of the structure so that I don't have to run back and forth all the time.

My battlenet account got reset and rehacked. This time I recovered it with an authenticator so hopefully that will take care of the problem going forward. My brother was telling me to set up a new e-mail but honestly I just don't want to set up yet another e-mail address that I'll have to look at, I mean it's a pain in the ass. I guess if I get hacked again then I'll need to make an address just for gaming, which I'm sure will splinter into a million different accounts if I have to change any of the individual games because it got hacked. "I'm tired of running!"

Headed off for Christmas so I won't be playing anything for about a week. Hopefully by then Notch will have the beta stabilized and we can start playing on the server again. Who knows maybe this time my main machine will be able to run it.

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