Monday, December 13, 2010

Minecraft - You tease

Ah the joys and pains of minecraft. Some parts of the evening the server was nice to me, other times she was a bitch. Got some pics to upload. The first is our little complex from the outside. My stuff is on the lower left hand side, while Crash lives up in the waterfall. And the other picture, well that is the Nether, or Hell. Crash turned on the nether level and that was where I logged in at. Thanks Crash!!!! Actually he stopped eating dinner to help me back to the normal world so that was cool. Hell, nice place to visit, but I'm not ready to live there.
And we checked out the PC gamer server, now that is some crazy crap right there. Honestly that is too crazy for me. I like the adventure part of the game, that is all crafting. It's neat, but where is the thrill?
In other news I tried to get my server going again, no luck. The trick that I used to get myself going on our server was to restart my computer, seems to have helped out a lot. I was able to feel safe enough to do some cave exploration. Thankfully the zombies were there to remind me that if the lag got a hold of me they would eat my brains. I never saw them, but they were down there. You know what else was down there, a huge vein of iron, we're talking 30 blocks all right next to each other, that is the largest vein I have ever seen of iron. Gives me some high hopes that I might find a large diamond vein... Probably not but I can dream can't I.

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