Friday, December 17, 2010

Minecraft - We are the creators of worlds

As I was telling Crash, why build a character when you can build a world? As you can see from the pictures, we have been busy. With the lag from the server not causing as much of a problem we've been able to be a lot more productive. Crash is working on building houses and his pyramid, I took on the task of building the tower. So overall the whole mountain is getting a make over from the two of us working it both on topsoil and some digging within, it's kind of turning into our capital city.
We have both started talking about our potential next projects. I think that he is going to work on a tunnel system that will connect remote areas to our main capital, I'm thinking that I might go on a little walkabout and build some stuff out in the middle of no where, just as something to discover out in the wideness. But I also want to go looking for some diamonds and do some real dungeon exploration, with the lag I've been afraid to really mix it up, but after playing from CA, it's got to be ok now, right? So yeah I want to go find me some goodies and kill some stuff, not to mention that I want to get me some obsidian as well so that I can make portals and even maybe a black tower of death with lava pouring from it. Toss that out in the wilds and let him come across that! Another project I'm thinking of is doing a massive tower that will be gigantic. And a final idea is that we could make a bridge from out mountain to the mountain behind us, that would be way up in the air.
Overall there are lots of things to do and while I could see how it could get old, if we can get Kergin to join us then that will add just a little bit more. 3 people would make it really interesting as more projects would keep going up, and more stories and ideas.
Speaking of stories I haven't given up on the idea of doing a fraps series, I think that would be a lot of fun, those movies really bring the game to life as you watch how someone else approaches the game. Why? Because the game isn't really about skill it's just about people playing with toys and seeing what happens, the actions are similar, but the reactions that different people have is unique, think of all of those 2 girls 1 cup videos. Why were they popular, because you wanted to see how long someone could watch and how they would react in the end. Same thing here, just a lot cleaner.
Wow I just compared Minecraft to 2 girls 1 cup. I think that I'll end on that note.

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