Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minecraft - I stand against the night

I was thinking that if anyone read this they would think that it's a Minecraft blog since that's all I write about. It is not, it is my gaming blog, but considering that all I've been playing is Minecraft, that's about all I'm going to write about.

I really need to take more pics and post them, but that takes too long when I could be playing...

Last night I decided that I needed to finish the tunnel between the Ick fort and the Ick castle, and boy is it a long tunnel, it's so long that I can see fog at the end of the tunnel from the tunnel out distancing the draw distance. But it's a safer way to travel that is for sure, plus I think it's a bit faster, wait until I put my rail line in there, then it will be pure awesome, and underground railroad if you will.... hehe.

With some calculation and a bit of counting I punched through to the center of the Ick castle about where I was hoping to come up, problem was, I did it at night. So I had two options; punch through or go all the way around and do it that way. I bit the bullet and punched through at daybreak, thankfully there wasn't anything there to welcome me except for a couple sheep. I marvelled at my accomplishment and felt quite proud of myself, perhaps a bit too long, because night descended on me quickly while I figured out what I was going to do with the opening in the center of my castle that led into the mines underneath my system of caves, that could potentially be bad news. On top of that, I didn't have supplies to make it through the night, I was low on torches to prevent spawns, so I dug in and got to the top of my wall for some defense.

As the night wore on I counted as many as 6 creepers along the outside wall along with a mix of spiders and zombies, thankfully there weren't a lot of skeletons to deal with. Inside 2 creepers spawned along with a skeleton, who eventually found me, he met a quick end from the business end of my rapid fire bow.

When morning finally came I was doing ok, I took a look at the moat system to see why it worked and didn't work, and have decided that I'm going to add a row of glass blocks along the top to see if I can use that to burn away baddies in the morning, although the water will put them out. Humm maybe a deeper pit for them to die in? Either way it looks really cool.

I also went about setting up torches as a last activity for the game night, there must be 100 of them in that place now. By midnight gametime, nothing had spawned internally (except for a freakin farm of animals) so I think that the interior of the Ick castle is now safe for construction, next step, making something kick ass.

I talked to Tony over e-mail last night and was trying to sell him on the game, told him that I'd buy it for him, hell I'd buy it for Carl too if he was interested. I think that it would be kick ass cool for us all to be playing on the same world building up our little empires, just because it's always cool to be able to show off what you built. Regardless though if I'm the only one that sees my little world I'm good with that, it's very satisfying to see the structures that you make. It's kind of like building with legos, but as I told Tony, they are legos that are trying to kill you, so enjoyable.

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