Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Minecraft - The mana tree

I'm not sure why I thought of the mana tree from The Secret of Mana over something more obvious like the Elf tree in WoW, I guess it's not quite that big anyway. Either way, seriously, that is a huge tree. I had kind of finished up what I wanted to do with my castle after the last week or so of building it and had this huge room up top that I didn't really have a use for. So I decided that I'd make a little tree farm. I only planted the two saplings that I had on me, just because it wasn't supposed to be a big project, it was just a thing to do for the heck of it. But wow that is a huge tree, it makes my tower look tiny, thankfully I'll never have to worry about wood again. One day when I get bored I might need to burn it down just to see how awesome that looks.

It looks like I'm done with Castle Ick, at least for now. After almost two weeks of construction and messing around I think that I'm ready to move on from the project, it's not perfect, but I need to do something else, I've spent too much time there and I need to do a little exploration.

So in the spirit of exploration I went looking for a new cave to go explore, I wasn't looking for anything serious just something to get my feet wet with. If I wanted to go crazy I knew where the cave was that would be crazy, but I wasn't fully prepared for that yet, plus I'm still kind of a wuss. Changes things when you know there is a price for death, makes it so that you're afraid to die. But I do think it's still the right decision so I'll stay true to my word on it.

So all in all not a lot happened last night, I finished up the castle and am ready to go adventuring again, we'll see where that leads.

Oh I almost forgot, I spent an hour trying to get a server up for my brother and I to play together on. I didn't have any success, but I'll give it another go in the near future.

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